Adding A Banner Image To A Website


There are times when you want to add a banner or image to your website to add some visual appeal and in general, to make the page interesting. This is actually very easy to do. In this article, I will show you 2 different ways to add a banner/image: When you have the code, for…

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Blogging For Profit – An Honest Roadmap To Success


Most peopel that set out to build an online business put the cart before the horse. They rush into creating a product and a squeeze page but they overlook the most important website in their long term success. This is a website that you need to have. This website is the “hub” of your business,…

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Celebrate The USA – Facebook App Aimed At Uniting Americans


Long before I was able to vote and long before I had any opinions on politics or social issues, I knew and fully understood that… I AM AMERICAN.  I’m not “Cuban-American”.  I’m not “Hispanic-American”  I’m not “White-American”. I’m not “Southern-American”. I am American. I was born here in America. There is no hyphen in my nationality. In…

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How Cloaking Your Links Leads To Better Click Through Rates


Being a fly on the wall can definitely have its benefits, especially when you are in the room with a successful company, like Higher Level Strategies. During a private VIP workshop at the JV Zoo Marketing Mayhem 2014 event, I had the pleasure of watching the two masterminds behind the company create a product that…

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The Moment That Life Smacked Me In The Face


World War Z was an awesome movie, I’ll never forget that I watched it on June 30th 2013. It wasn’t the special effects or the plot that made it so memorable for me but it was the fact that it ALMOST became the last movie I ever watched with my mom. 3 days later on…

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Simple Trick WILL Increase Your Sales And Conversions By Up To 300%


Today, I’m going to review this new Pop-up creator, PopUp Monkey. However, before I do, I think it’s only fair to begin explaining why anyone would want to create pop-ups for their website in the first place, and also what differentiates a good pop-up creator from a bad one. Most people are of one opinion…

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The 4th Most Important Person In My Success – John Thornhill – Partnership to Success 2014

Screenshot 2014-01-21 02.18.10

Okay this is as real as it gets folks… this post is about the 4th most important person in my success. Most of you in here already know the story of how I “came up” in this business, so to speak, so I’ll spare you the long winded spiel. Various people have played an important…

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Searching For Niche Gems – Guest Post By Leandro Langeani


When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is a tendency of people trying to always look for the “hidden gems”, be it with keywords or niches that no one has found yet, or no one is marketing to. Although they are not impossible to get, they are very rare – especially in comparison to the…

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WordPress – A Powerful Platform’s Evolution – Guest Post By Melvin Buchanan


WordPress has evolved from of a simple blogging platform to the main instrument that millions of people utilize every day for business. What makes WordPress most impressive, is its versatility that empowers site owner strives to achieve a desired look and feel for their websites. Through the use of themes and plugins the WordPress can…

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A New Era For Facebook Marketing – Guest Post By Ann Davies


Facebook is like the girl next door that you may have overlooked, and it is now time to take her seriously. You remember back in 2004 when Facebook first made her entrance on the net, her growing years , braces and gangly look. Well look at her now! Facebook has grown up and is a…

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The Perfect Sales Funnel – Guest Post By Steve Martinelli


Do you know what you need to be doing today to make money on the internet? You will hear three words spoken over and over again, Build Your List! I’m assuming you know the basics of building an email subscriber list or you wouldn’t have probably read this far along in this post. Instead this article focuses…

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SEO For 2013 – 3 Fundamentals To Focus On For Success Guest Post By Sandy Halliday


Search engine optimization is still an important factor in getting lots of traffic to your site and with Google’s ever changing algorithms it is important to know what SEO for 2013 fundamentals will help you the most. Even though there are a lot of different opinions on exactly what Google’s animal updates (Penguin, Panda, etc.)…

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Making The Most Out Of A Live Event


These are 20 lessons I’ve learned the hard way throughout the years that will help you feel good about attending a LIVE offline event. I guess it can be said that an offline even is just what you make of it.  Now look, I’ve been to A LOT of events, some were awesome and some really…

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Easy Video Suite – Josh Bartlett – Video Marketing


Video marketing had to evolve. It was inevitable. It was becoming much too complicated. And if it isn’t too complicated for some people, it’s still definitely too time consuming. You had to worry about the following: Redoing videos over and over again to make sure you got everything right in one take or face the…

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Facebook Mini Course Review – Manie Amari WSO


As most of you are aware I don’t do product reviews. It’s either an endorsement or nothing. However there’s this product that I came across, which is a little different to what is already out there and it was created by one of my students, who has excelled in my teachings. In fact he kinda…

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Black Ops Adsense Review – Ryan & Emma Powell WSO


I don’t do too many product reviews and in all sincerity this is more of an endorsement and a “heads up” more than anything else. For starters this product is by a super amazing husband and wife team just like Melinda and myself. Their names are Emma & Ryan and they are accompanied by Jeremy…

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Walking The Mental Minefield Of Internet Marketing! | Guest Post by Cliff Hildreth


So, I was sitting at my computer one day, about 6 months or so into building my internet business. Like a good boy I was doing my backlinking, my SEO tasks, and uploading another website. I think it was my 17th or 18th site. I was excited because I had just bought this site and…

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A Beacon Of Hope | Josh Bartlett | Easy Video Suite


I must say this… There are some shady characters in the Internet Marketing Space. There are also a lot of colorful ones acting like know-it-all’s (when they really don’t have a freaking clue about business) and they’re just baffling the zombies with their bullshit. It appears that everyone and their mother is an internet marketing…

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Creating an Online Press Release I Guest Post By Leo Urias

Creating An Online Press Release

Regardless the kind of information being sought for today, the process almost inevitably involves a quick internet search for links, content, references, and discussion threads all of which are vying for the attention of as many searchers as possible for that specific type of information. Any publisher of information who hopes to stand a chance…

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What’s Your Story? | Guest Post by Louis Di Bianco


Against my better judgement, I cut through the dark alley on my way home that night. What are you thinking right now? What happened to Louis in the dark alley? Was he mugged? Did he witness a murder? I don’t know what you’re thinking. But I do know this. You’re not thinking about your unpaid bills,…

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