Searching For Niche Gems – Guest Post By Leandro Langeani

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is a tendency of people trying to always look for the “hidden gems”, be it with keywords or niches that no one has found yet, or no one is marketing to. Although they are not impossible to get, they are very rare – especially in comparison to the totality of niches out there. There’s one big problem too…

these undiscovered markets haven’t been studied yet. They’ll take a huge amount of money and effort if you want to market to them.

Internet marketing is what it is: Marketing. It’s way more dynamic than offline marketing, I give you that, but, still, I hope you get what I’m saying

In offline (or real world) life, the stores all go to where there is LOTS of competition, don’t they? Think shopping malls, for a second. In my country, there’s a big city (one of the biggest of the world, actually). In this city, there is a street that has between 40-50 stores that only sell wedding gowns. At first you might think “They have all gone mad! Why Would someone open up a store where there’s this much competition?” Well, the thing is: The consumers know where they are. If they want a wedding gown, where do they go to? Exactly. So, where the competition is, is where all the TRAFFIC is.

Take some time and think about this. Competition can be a good thing. It’s a great way to gauge the SEARCH for a given product or service. On a niche that there’s a LOT of competition, there are BUYERS. So, instead of trying to find the next hidden niche, how about being more specialized? Focused? Targeted? Actually, this is the classic definition of a niche: a very specific portion of a market.

In Internet Marketing, when we usually refer to “niches”, we’re talking markets. Weight Loss is a market. Now, weight loss to get prepared for a surgery… ah-ha! That’s a NICHE. So, this is what you look for. Not a new market. You specialize and deliver to a REAL niche. These are the real gems.

Now, what you have to do is “profile” the customer. Understanding needs, desires, difficulties, frustrations… Once you do that, you can talk DIRECTLY to your prospect customers. You will bring your marketing to a whole new level. Anyone marketing to a mass market (general weight loss product) will not have the same rapport. Will not trigger the same kinds of emotions and memories that you can trigger, because you have done your homework.

What would your prospect rather buy, if given the option: Some general weight loss product, showing hot chicks and dudes, with big muscles and all… or a product that tells them what are the worries and feelings about needing to lose weight to be able to have a surgery?