WordPress – A Powerful Platform’s Evolution – Guest Post By Melvin Buchanan

WordPress has evolved from of a simple blogging platform to the main instrument that millions of people utilize every day for business. What makes WordPress most impressive, is its versatility that empowers site owner strives to achieve a desired look and feel for their websites. Through the use of themes and plugins the WordPress can be customized to the extent of your imagination.

The dynamic versatility of the WordPress platform has given rise to an entire marketplace of people producing themes, plugins and other products that add to it’s functionality. Today, the platform serves as a means for bloggers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and business owners (big and small) to tap into a worldwide audience across the web.

Within the Internet Marketing space we have seen WordPress gain strong momentum over the past several years and it has rightfully affixed itself as the platform of choice for building eCommerce sites, lead generation sites, membership sites and pretty much every type of marketing site there is. Building sites with WordPress is simple.

The first step is installing the WordPress platform onto a domain. This can be easily done through the Cpanel your hosting company provides but it can also be done manually using FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

The user builds develops their website by installing, activating and configuring a theme. There are lots of places to buy affordable themes like ThemeForest.net and there are many free themes available on the web as well. Some themes are more flexible than others. The more elaborate functions and features you require the more expensive a theme might be.

The functionality of any WordPress theme and website can be expanded further by installing plugins. The WordPress repository offers thousands of free plugins that enable things like social sharing buttons, widgets, banners, search engine optimization and an almost inexhaustible amount of other functions. There are also sites like CodeCanyon.com where one can buy plugins to use as well.

WordPress is an open source platform which is constantly being updated and there are new themes and plugins being released for WordPress daily. Internet marketers can use these plugins and themes to promote products of their own as well as products of other marketers as an affiliate. This very post that you are reading is on a WordPress blog which advertises a wide array of information and products for reader consumption.

It’s quite amazing to look back over the past few years and consider the evolution of platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and so many others. These websites have given rise to a communication boom that makes the printing press and industrial revolution pale by comparison. Internet marketers have found unique ways to leverage the power of these platforms to expand their online business and the businesses of their clients and students as well.

Site building platforms like WordPress and the many developers and entrepreneurs that produce themes, plugins and other products to increase its functionality are providing an invaluable service to other marketers.

Internet marketing + WordPress priceless.