The 4th Most Important Person In My Success – John Thornhill – Partnership to Success 2014

Okay this is as real as it gets folks… this post is about the 4th most important person in my success.

Most of you in here already know the story of how I “came up” in this business, so to speak, so I’ll spare you the long winded spiel.

Various people have played an important role in my success, the 5 most noteworthy are in the following order.

#1 GOD.
#2 Me.
#3 Melinda Martin
#4 John Thornhill
#5 Mike Filsaime
#6 Dave Nicholson

You’ve probably heard me talk about John dozens of times on here before before and thats not just because he has been so influential in my success but also because we’ve become really good friends. John went from being my mentor to my partner and now my friend.

Our businesses are so intertwined now that John and I speak almost every single day. We are actually “business partners” in the most literal definition of the word. Dare I say he even has his own clothes drawer in my guest room (fact) 

There are very few people I trust with my business, VERY few. John is one of them. But what the hell does that really mean anyway? “TRUST WITH MY BUSINESS”

Well – it means that I would whole heartedly take John’s advice on any aspect of my business even if it contradicted my own gut. John has never steered me wrong. Every single thing John ever taught me has led me to making money. I continue to follow his advice to this day.

A lot has changed since I first started building my business, we’ve generated millions of dollars in sales but more importantly we’ve helped thousands and thousands of people begin to build businesses of their own.

Melinda and I now have many many coaching students of our own too. In many ways, you can say the student is now the teacher. The fact that you’re reading this probably means that you are a student of ours as well.

There are two very important things I want you to take away from this post and at the end I will ask you for a small favor.

I whole heartedly believe that I would NOT be where I am today in this business had it not been for the mentorship and partnership of John Thornhill. I obviously worked my ass off to get here but I couldn’t have done it without John.

I remember that the decision to invest in John’s training was not easy. Well let me clarify, the decision was easy but coming up with the money was the tough part. You see Melinda and I were pretty broke at the time and we literally had to put our bank account in the negative to buy John’s course but let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR about something…

Knowing what I know now, having experienced it all for myself, I would not hesitate for a split second if I had to chose again. If I went back in time and had it all to do over again I would refinance my house or sell my car if I had to, I would literally do ANYTHING in my power to come up with the money to join John’s partnership course.

Remember that I am now a coach myself and I simply don’t promote other peoples coaching. Thats because even though I have made many friends in this business over the years and I have come to respect and admire the work of several other Internet marketers there are still only a handful that I would trust to coach my own students.

In other words, there are very few people that I would trust to coach you. And John is one of them.

Today, John will be announcing the release of his biggest product launch ever. I’ve been watching him construct this launch behind the scenes for months now and frankly, I think he’s poised to have his first ever 7 figure product launch next week!

John will be releasing his newly updated “Partnership To Success 2014” soon and today marks the first day of our pre launch campaign. In our usual style Dave Nicholson and I have partnered up to bring you the most powerful and heartfelt bonus you will see anywhere. Our bonus won’t be out matched, period. It’s impossible.

So here’s whats about to go down… I recommend that you follow this launch very very closely. Learn from every little thing you are about to see John do online because I assure you that it has all been planned in advance with a specific purpose in mind.

I don’t just want you to “follow” the launch I want you to actually participate in it and then on launch day I want you to be one of the first people to take action and join John’s 2014 Partnership To Success program. There is a reason why John’s program has a 100% success rate. YES 100%.

If you are serious about building a REAL sustainable long term income online like I’ve done then I recommend you do whatever it takes to become a member like I did. Get the money together and join. Just do it. Because remember, we have a limited bonus and only a few serious people will qualify for it.

Now here’s that favor I told you I was gonna ask for…  Would you please spread the word about the launch and our upcoming bonus? Just go to this page and follow the instructions to spread the word:

I promise to keep you in the loop with regards to the launch as it progresses over the next couple of weeks. But in the mean time, please share our Super Hero Bonus Announcement page with everyone you can! Heck, make a video about even!

We’ll see you on launch day!


  1. Omar, great post,

    I took the leap of faith to join Johns partnership to success 2014, reading this just reassured me that I picked a GREAT Mentor 🙂

    See you at the top

  2. Awesome post Omar,
    I too joined John’s Partnership to success 2014 and I really like it!
    He is an awesome mentor and the program is really nice and easy.

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