The Entrepreneur Predator

I think any marketer that has ever done business on the internet has fallen victim at one time to a business opportunity that over promised and under delivered. By nature we are impulsive people. Sales pages are cleverly designed to raise our impulse and get us to purchase a product. Some of these are legitimate businesses that can work if you put in the time effort and money required. But many others are not. There are many people out there just looking to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting entrepreneurs.

Predators promise instant riches when you purchase their product. Their sales pages get you so excited that you begin to believe the money starts rolling in the second you click “Buy Now.” I have learned that is not the case. In case you are contemplating one of these online business opportunities right now, let me dispel the myth. There is no such thing as free money, period. All businesses require a certain degree of research, effort and investment, regardless of what you may have been told.

Think about it, if a product could truly give you unlimited wealth on autopilot with zero effort or investment why would any one need to sell it? Here’s the best part, a predator might not even sell it! They claim to be so filthy rich that they are giving away their secrets if you just “Click Here.” Take a moment to absorb that concept. They are so rich that they are giving it away like a modern day peter pan.

All marketing is designed to make a profit. Perhaps not on the first page, or perhaps not even on the second page but eventually you will be required to enter your credit card number in order “become rich like me.” Keep in mind there are in fact many profitable business and legitimate opportunities out there but it is up to you to do your research. Look into the product, look into the author, seek out other purchasers and read reviews visit informative websites to keep abreast of current scams and perhaps seek out non profit matching services. Look for sellers that are affiliated with reputable companies like SquareTrade, VeriSign, and ClickBank.

Here is an example of one of my pages that allows a buyer to select from several businesses. The site explains the pros and cons of each and lets the reader decide rather than just raising impulse or trying to sell something that the reader doesn’t want or need. This approach will win the patronage of well informed and committed entrepreneurs.

Always beware of predatory tactics.

To your success.


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