Know Your Target Market

Buyers come in all shapes, colors and ages. A big mistake often made by marketers and sales people around the world is they try to target a specific type of buyer. We can not assume that a particular type of person will not be interested in our products. Sales presentations must appeal to the entire socio-economic scale.

The Socio-Economic Scale depicts where we all are in society.

Ditch Diggers Doctors


We all fit in somewhere on this scale. Obviously there many things that separate a ditch digger from a doctor. Appearance, education, wardrobe, vocabulary, income, domicile etc. etc. Only a very small % of ditch diggers and very small % doctors make up the scale. If your product only targets a small population on the scale then you will limit your success regardless of what group we target.

The key to a successful campaign is to appeal to a broad spectrum of the population. This means we have to consider the needs and relativity of that rage of people. We call these people our “Target Market.” How do they talk, where do they live, what do they need, what is the education level, what is their average income? These things are important to know when your designing a product, creating a presentation and running a campaign. Get to know your “Market.”

Know your audience and tailor your products to them. Otherwise you’ll end up pitching medical supplies to a ditch digger and excavating tools to a doctor. A good practice is to create a presentation that will appeal to the entire scale. This is best accomplished by targeting the middle range. This way you will attract buyers from both ends of the spectrum. Never prejudge your audience, the money is just as green on one end at it is at the other.

To your success.


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