The psyche of a marketer and sales professional is very unique. We all possess some very common characteristics. We tend to be dreamers, over achievers, self motivated entrepreneurs. But these good traits can also be the root of our biggest shortcomings. We fall hard, we lack patience because we yearn instant gratification, we procrastinate and we often get distracted way too easily by new opportunities just short of succeeding in our current venture. I have been involved in so many sales campaigns and businesses throughout the years. People have become wealthy with all of them yet I have failed with so many. Why is that?

I took some time to examine this about myself one day and I realized that I needed to begin working S.M.A.R.T. goals. Being organized means creating goals and having an action plan that you can execute. The action plan must be designed to take you from Point A (Where you are now) to Point Z (Where you want to be) The action plan must be detailed enough to achieve a specific goal yet simple enough to follow day in and day out. If you dont set a realistic goal and create a simple plan for yourself, you will fall behind and soon become your own worst enemy. Another product or opportunity will present itself and your attention will deveiate from current your goal only to start the same doomed process all over again with a different campaign. You are defeating yourself.

To avoid this, the goals we set for ourselves must be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific Know exactly what you want to achieve and have an exact deadline.
  • Measurable Create checkpoints in advance. Predict your progress along the way.
  • Attainable Do not exaggerate a goal. Allow yourself some room to grow.
  • Realistic Create a plan you can commit to. Consider all other factors of your life.
  • Timely Allow yourself just enough time to hit your goal, not overnight.

It’s like getting a gun… Spend some time researching what gun you should buy. Select the best gun in your price range. Inspect your gun. Learn your gun. Load your gun. View your target and shoot your gun. Most importantly don’t give up if you miss the bullseye and begin to doubt your gun. Don’t give up. Always STICK TO YOUR GUNS!

To your success.


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