Sales Pitch Ingredients

A proper sales pitch needs to contain a few key ingredients. These are the things that will get your point accross in a way that your customer will want to dish out money. Your choice of words need to be genuine. Scripts written by others seldom work when you are trying to sell a product of your own. This is because YOU have to earn your customers trust and people can sense when you are not being yourself. Even in your written text! The same way that school teachers can pick out the kids that have cheated on a book report by copying someone elses words. Nowadays consumers are educated and they need to be pitched accordingly if you want to win the sale. Here are a few tips…

Qualify – You have to qualify your prospects. Do they meet the criteria of what you are trying to sell. Will they benefit from purchasing it? Establish a need – Demonstrate the improvement your product will make in the prospects quality of life. Speak with emotion and get the customer to understand WHY they can not go on without your product.. that is of course, if they “qualified”.

Build credibility – Dedicate some time to building up not only your product’s reputation but also your own. Why should we listen to you? What are your accomplishments with regards to this product? How have others benefited from it? (This is where you must be as genuine as possible) the old “Fake it To make it” philosophy is just a crock. Only speak the truth. Provide a solution – Present the specific ways that your products will solve a problem or otherwise benefit the customer. This is the part where you point out specific features that other similar products may lack CLOSE – Ask for the sale. This is where most sales are LOST. Don’t be afraid to give your customer a price. Pitch them high with confidence and TELL them to go get their credit card. Be forthcoming. Hesitation at this point will only may the customer reluctant.

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