Sell to Anybody AND Everybody

One of the things that helped me move up the ladder quickly in sales was my tenacity. I started in a sales room that had over 60 experienced sales reps and I knew nothing about sales. In a few months I was able to rise above all those other sales people and get my managers attention.

I knew that if I learned to sell where no one else could I’d be the rising star. Keep in mind that relatability is a huge factor in this. I may not relate to someone well enough for them to buy from me where someone else, where by appearance, age or ethnic background, another person may relate better and make more sales. I was determined to overcome this challenge and I was able to pull it off. The key was generalizing my sales presentation to appeal to everyone in my market and to leave no stone unturned in my search for buyers. Those two factors comprised the tenacity that set me apart from my competition.

The thing I love about internet marketing is that these “relatability” issues are sooooo much easier to overcome than face to face. On the net, we overcome these through our copy. When you write your sales page you have to keep it simple. Simple enough for a layperson to understand yet technical enough to make an expert curious. The biggest trap to avoid here is “overselling”. Make sure that you dont say the same exact thing 2 different ways. You will have much better results if you find a middle ground. Use lots of illustrations, diagrams andf graphics to convey your message. Remember that our minds think in pictures.

Animations and videos go a long way to this regard. Making a visual connection with the prospect goes a long way and will raise impulse much faster than text alone. You don’t have to be an expert programmer or web designer to do this sort of thing either. There are many free programs and tutorials on the web that can help you accomplish this. It just takes a little bit of effort and inginuity on your part.

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