We’re all human. We are made of flesh and blood. We all have feelings. We all face challenges. All we can control is the way we react to those challenges. Do we let them defeat us or do we press forward? That decision defines us. I consider myself  to be a pretty positive guy, a self motivated go getter, a leader not a follower.

Sometimes my humanity gets the best of me and self doubt begins to creep in. I’ve even been known to build myself a pitty pot on occasion. I’ve learned to slap myself out of it right away and  now I only surround myself with positive thinkers.

As a sales professional and internet business coach there’s one thing I deal with on a daily basis its “whiners”… whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa – “I can’t do it Omar – It’s so hard  – you just don’t understand…”  Yes, some people actually resort to this sort of babble to justify their lack of persistence and FAITH in themselves when it comes to building an Internet business..

Today I was introduced to a giant man who defines perseverance and his video made me revisit my personal mission and purpose in life. I will never forget him and neither will you. No matter the challenge – don’t ever give in, no matter the fall JUST GET BACK UP!

Learn More about Nick and his mission at www.LifeWithoutLimbs.org

Don’t Ever Give Up – Go For Your Dreams!

To Your Success,

Omar Martin, President & CEO


  1. Hi Omar,

    This is the first time I have actually popped by your blog since you have made changes and all I can say is WOW!

    I am also one of John Thornhill’s previous students and have been following you for a while since your Kick Ass Launch the middle of last year! (I bought it too :))

    Nick is an amazing person, and whats more he is a fellow Aussie. He has been know here for a long time. I used to get depressed often before I first saw Nick on one of our 60 minutes show last year.

    He is truly amazing, so inspirational and such a beautiful soul. He puts the rest of us to shame. When ever I have bad days I often think of him and smile and get back on with the job at hand. 😀

    Thank you also for being an inspiration as well with working online. It is good to know that you started with John only @18 months ago and look at you know!!!!

    Kind Regards

    Jacinta 🙂

  2. Hi Jacinta,

    Thanks for the comments. John Thornhill is THE MAN! Follow his every move he will not steer you wrong. Pure genius.

    Take Care,

  3. Hi Omar,

    Thats what i love about your blog man, you provide what is essential to readers *GREAT CONTENT*, no wonder you are a success and you are one of the people who inspires *ME THERE*too in time..

    What an amazing guy in the video, and you are right John is truly an amazing mentor and valuble asset to know in the world of internet marketing!

    Take care Omar….Ed.

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