Are you on Twitter yet?  I would love to communicate withyou on Twitter. My Twitter name is @OmarMartin and I currently have over 12,800 followers on Twitter and I’ve posted over 1315 “Tweets” – My partner @MikeFilsaime has over 32,000 followers and he’s posted over 1000 “Tweets”.

So what exactly is a “Tweet?” – well its a small post of text no longer than 140 characters that answers one basic question “What are you doing now?” Twitter is a micro-blogging platform. Thats just a fancy way of saying: “a way to communicate with others via tiny spurts of updates.”

So how does Twitter work? – well you create a free account and invite people to follow your updates. They see your “Tweets” in their timeline and their followers can now follow you etc. etc. So as you can see its pretty viral and your follower base can grow quickly.

For internet marketers like us Twitter is an precious tool. Once you learn to utilize it’s power, Twitter creates a raving fan base that you can convert into customers. The key phrase here is “Once you learn to utilize its power!”

You see, like with anything else there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter. Just as easily as you can build raving fans you can also rub people the wrong way and enter a downward spiral that creates the opposite effect!

My good friend Dave, has always been my source for traffic tips and social media advice. As a matter of fact, Dave was even a guest instructor in Module 10 of the well known Internet Selling For Newbies course released by Mike Filsaime and myself recently.

When it comes to utilizing free traffic methods to get tons of people to your sites.. Dave is your man and when it comes to building a HUGE subscriber base fast Twitter is your tool.

When you put the two of them together you get DYNAMITE!

Dave has just made available his power packed secret weapon for maximizing Twitter to explode your online business. This is no firecracker… this is like the C4 of explosives when it comes to profit potential and he’s practically giving it away in my opinion.

Okay – I have to be honest (or Dave will probably tease me about it) but the truth is that when he shared his TweetDynamite package with me I suggested a price point of $497.00 and he got all self righteous on me..  He said “No No No Omar – I want everyone to be able to use this so I can’t charge money like that…”

Personally, I think the dude is nuts for doing this. But then again- most of the geniuses in world history have been a bit off their rocker so I guess it makes a bit of sense.

Anyway – you can take advantage of Dave’s lunacy and grab TweetDynamite right now before he takes his medication and comes back to reality.

I wouldn’t delay. CLICK HERE NOW

To Your Success,

Omar Martin, President & CEO


  1. Omar,

    Am in the process of looking at the Twitter Dynamite Videos! Great stuff and am going to implement the teachings soonest.

    BTW, if one is interested in giving value and connecting with people around the world, Twitter is awesome. The Internet is really a miracle — time and space is no longer a barrier.

    Thanks for sharing Dave’s teachings with us all. You are the bomb!

    Love ya,


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