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I travel alot, but it’s seldom for pleasure. Recently, I was able to take my family for an 11 day vacation on a private beach in Puerto Rico. This video is more than just a slide show or photo album to me. It actually serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come and how thankful I am.

Many people doubted me in the beginning when I could barely crawl. I am thankful to those that didn’t doubt me like the ones in this video because their support was important to me. And even MORE importantly, I AM THANKFUL TO THOSE THAT DID NOT BELIEVE IN ME, because they were my source of self motivation to press forward whenever things got difficult or seemed hopeless. At times.. proving them wrong was my motivation. Now I can fly as they watch from below.

Go For Your Dreams!

To Your Success,

Omar Martin, President & CEO


  1. Omar, thanks for sharing this video! Your story is truly an inspiring one. No one works harder at working smarter than you do. Congratulations and continued success!

    With that said, if you need me I’ll be in the Dominican Republic for the next two weeks 🙂

  2. Hey buddy,

    Awesome compilation of shots there dude, looks like you had a blast! I never ever doubted you for a second, I always knew you could fly! If you could just master the singing you would be complete! 🙂

    Keep up the excellent work mate.


  3. Hey Omar,

    Great little video there, very well put together.

    I totally agree with you about how the people who doubt us only make us more motivated to succeed. Like everyone I have people in my family who just don’t understand, they keep telling me it’s a scam. Of course I’ve been around and done enough studying to know that it isn’t a scam, and that money can be made, and you are proof of that, Omar.

    I’m determined to succeed, and I’m confident that I will, because I’m never going to give up. Thanks for the inspiring video and post.


  4. What a fantastic and inspiring video Omar. You are living proof of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.



  5. waoo you are the best… i meet you online luckily , and never get a chance to chat with you long but when ever i chatted with you it inspired me lot .. Congratulations for your success , you are a true leader and Mentor …. good luck for the future.

  6. Omar – Very nice video. We never get to see the personalities of the people that have or will be helping us make it in the Internet World. Seeing you and your family makes it all a little bit more real. Its nice to see that sometimes and reminds us that all the hardwork will payoff. Keep up the hard work. One day I will be flying too.

  7. Hey Omar

    Nice work Bro…!!
    You deserve it…Cracking video but I agree with what Dave N says and Hey that’s one of my all time fav song’s
    I’m a Newbie presently taking your Newbies coaching…
    If you can teach me to work smarter and play hard…that’ll do me.
    You’re right you do have to have some doubter’s but they’re the one’s who sit on their asses…!!
    Good Luck to you Mate..!!


  8. Omar, You are hilarious and what a fun life. that is what we all dream of being able to have, the freedom to play with our friends and family when we want.
    thanks for the inspiration… You rock…

  9. Hey Omar,
    thanks very much for this impressive video and I had a few tears running,but you know,Women are very sensitive.
    I agree with the statements of these people
    I have the same problem here in Germany.
    Most people laugh at you when you speak of marketing,
    and the worst, are those who do not even have a computer
    On the weekend I met very nice English people, which has again given me new motivation for my long learning curve.
    Now I’ve decided not to give up.
    all the best for the future and best regards from Germany Inge Feiler

  10. I believe I can fly… A little inspiration on a Monday morning quickens my being. I need to incorporate in my dream book a trip to Puerto Rico again. May your life get better and better. Enjoy, Jerry

  11. Omar,

    You are an excellent role model of what can be achieved through dedicatedly working toward vision. Thank you for sharing your awesome trip with us all. Very generous of you!

    Love to you and Melinda.


  12. Dear Omar:

    I want to thank you for sharing your video with me. More importantly for the encouragement, as I am one of your “newbie” students.

    I have learned so much from your teaching.

    Thank you for showing us all how to be humble even when we are sucessful.

    Charles S.

  13. Hey Omar,

    That video motivates me as I sit here in my 2 bedroom apt with my office in between my kids’ beds.

    You are so hyper and fun to be around. Vegas was a blast and I appreciate the phone call last week to help out a brother in need.

    I’ll always be looking your way to see how you are doing and will follow your lead.

    Your family is great and fun too.

    Talk soon buddy,

    Michael Ottman

  14. That’s very good Omar! It inspires me to make my own video when I go to Vietnam for my engagement ceremony with my soon-to-be wife. The future definitely looks promising with the power of the internet and believing in the ability to fly.

  15. So glad you are enjoying your well deserved vacation. I am happy that I trusted you and invested in what you do so well. I want to fly also but I have to put some of this great material to work. It’s going to take a while to absorb it all. Your material is valuable to me only if I put it into action. Its going to be work, but its going to be fun!

  16. thanks for sharing your video with looked like you had a great time you and your family and your lovelyfiesty lady wife.ihope one day that I can take my wife on a lovely holiday thanks again maybe I can fly too DAVE GIBSON

  17. Hi Omar

    I am a newbie internet marketer, your video has given me hope that I can acheive anything, motivation to keep going when times are hard, when I feel like giving up.

    Thank you for sharing this video


  18. Love the video makes me want to to keep going!!!
    Thank you Omar.

  19. Omar

    Great video, most inspiring. You are a great example of someone who is making things happen and reaching your goals. Starting to see your name crop up more frequently online as one of the movers and shakers, certainly a good example to us other newbies.
    Keep up the good work

    An Alex Jeffreys Student

  20. Tremendo video no sabia que tenias una Villa por Ricon. Me llena de orgullo saber que estas entre los Gurus de Internet como Mike Filsaime. Sigo viendo tus videos para conocer mas sobre este negocio. Exito.

  21. Hey Omar,

    Great video. It’s nice to see you having so much fun with your family. That’s what this business is all about is to allow us to spend more valuable time with our families.

    I gotta say this though, stick to Internet Marketing and leave the singing to the rockstars. lol!

    Jeff Sargent

  22. Great Video Omar…good way to salt the water…sure makes me thirsty…Thanks


  23. Wow, great video and it gave me so much inspiration. My wish to be there too someday will come true I know. Thanks, Teresa

  24. Aloha Omar, thanks for forwarding your family vacation video. I know a lot about Vieques, Puerto Rico. It has a lot in common with Hawai’i, especially the US military contamination of the beautiful little island.

  25. Hey Omar,

    What a job, what a life you have!

    I live by this statement of Eleanor Roosevelt, which I’m sure you would agree to :

    “The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

    You had dreams, clarified what your purpose in life was, and along with some strategic action steps, and inspiration from the heart, you went at it, and got there, living the dream, fulfilled, sharing the joy.

    Awesome stuff man. Off to Phuket, Thailand next month for 3 months, then home in Sydney for a while, just to avoid the cold months of Europe, might have to do one of these cool videos!

    Continue at it mate, you rock!

    Have a Blessed day!


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