I often get asked “What is the most important thing I can say to close the sale?” My answer is usually the same. “Nothing.” All to often a sales person just says too much! They ramble. They go on and on about how their product is so good and they inadvertently talk the prospect out of buying. I’ve seen rookies and experts alike make this mistake time and time again and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up .

How can the prospect say “Yes” if you don’t give him or her a chance too? Remember your script may be perfectly rehearsed but their responses aren’t so give them a moment to think. With a moment of pause, the prospect will give you a more thought out objection which in turn helps you get to the “root of the roadblock” so you can address it head on.

Your pauses should be strategic, or preplanned. Use these pauses to read the customer and gage their facial expressions and body language. Are they still with you? Do they care about what you have to say? Use this opportunity to tailor your presentation to their specific concerns. Don’t just steam roll over them with useless chatter, instead gain their trust by simply listening to them and identifying with them. Don’t be afraid of the silence. The first person to speak after a strategic pause usually gets sold. Don’t let it be you.

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