Ebay Changes Policy AGAIN! What next?

Wow . . There sure is a great deal of commotion right now over some of ebay’s recent policy changes! As if it wasn’t bad enough that there was already an ebay boycott going on by thousands of sellers.

Check out: http://www.boycottvictoriously.com/

Heres the link to Ebay’s recent announcement:

Check out what one powerseller has to say about it…

This is a post on the ebay communication board posted by: thebrewsnews (ebay screen name)

—– “We called our Powerseller rep who had to put us on hold for 20 minutes to get the —– “We called our Powerseller rep who had to put us on hold for 20 minutes to get the information since he wasn’t aware. We pointed out to him that we have many thousands of feedback that is 100% and we have no need to manipulate our feedback.What our representative told us is that it seems that eBay will soon be coming out with a new policy that prohibits the sale of electronically delivered products (like ebooks).

The policy has not been announced and the eBay customer service representatives have received no notification about the “new” policy. It is an unannounced policy that sellers will learn about “sometime in the near future” and my rep said it is “rather unusual” for eBay to take action (like removal of listings) prior to a policy actually be announced.So, my ebooks were removed and I was issued a violation warning (which I was told that the warning will be removed from my record — snicker, snicker… like I really can “trust” eBay Trust & Safety to keep their word) for a policy that has not yet been announced.The “rules” at eBay are changing so fast that even eBay’s “customer service” (if there is such a thing) aren’t even aware of the new rules.I was “encouraged” not to list any more ebooks since sometime in the near future ebooks will not be allowed.

Tomorrow is another day….. I’ll have visions of loveliness in my head tonight while I sleep… and dream about other new unannounced eBay rules I will be violating tomorrow.Could eBay be trying any harder to drive me away? “According to this new policy, effective March 31 all goods that can be digitally downloaded or transferred electronically must be listed using the Classified Ads format. This really puts a beating on alot of ebay sellers. Especially those that sell ebooks!

Here’s my take on it all…
I think there’s no need to get our feathers ruffled over eBays policies. Its all about a choice. You can either choose to be bitter about it or choose to cope with it. I’m sure you’ll agree that with some creative thinking we can collectively come up with dozens of ways to still sell digital products effectively. Remember, eBay is just one way of generating traffic to your website. We should never keep all our eggs in ONE basket!

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