Google Adwords Strategy

I’ve been using Google Adwords for a couple of years now and I can understand why some people have a hard time grasping the concept. The premise is simple, first you deposit money in your account, then you select keywords and bid on them, then you link your keywords to your website and wait for the traffic. Google will rank your ad in its search results based on how much you bid for the keyword. The good thing about it is that they will only charge your account when a visitor actually clicks on your ad. Hence the term “Pay Per Click”. In the past year however, Google has complicated the process quite a bit for internet marketers.

Google’s intentions are to clean up the riff raff and scam sites but in the process internet marketers need to adapt or we will end up having to pay huge money for each click. One of the things that Google has changed in the last couple of years is that you can no longer see what other people are bidding for the same keywords as you. You just have to use “The Honor System”. This can be frustrating but in the end you are still guaranteed traffic for your money and that traffic is specifically tailored to your site. For my particular products I have found that on average 1 out of every 5 visitors make a purchase. Now it simply becomes a question of mathmatecis. Are you profitting enough from your 1 product sale to cover the cost of 3 Google clicks? The results will vary for each website, but overall I have found this to be very profitable.

The following is an interview with Google Adwords Guru: Perry Marshal. I have included the links to the 3 audio recordings on MP3 for you to listen too. If you are considdering the use of Google Adwords as a form of promoting your site I strongly recoment that you listen to these recordings as I found them to be very helpful!

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Google AdWords Strategy:

Perry Marshall & Jason Potash in Conversation

Jason Potash is one of the most level-headed and multi-talented teachers of marketing today, and like me, he was a hi-tech sales guy who got sick of cold calling and knew there had to be a better way.

In this conversation we talk about Google slap and AdWords Strategy, including:

  • Nuances of Google Slap – Why Google’s so secretive; Quality Scores and the eternal battle against garbage on the web
  • “From Gym Rat to Millionaire” – The great feeling of a student who got the monkey off his back
  • The game of AdWords – AdSense arbitrage and where it is today
  • Where is the stored value on the Internet? Something that’s even more powerful than Google
  • The power of a situation vs. the power of a relationship
  • Becoming the 800 pound gorilla in a tiny market: How to dominate a nano-niche
  • How children learn to talk… and how adults search the web: They’re both the same
  • Anatomy of a campaign rollout – and building a huge success story starting with ONE keyword!
  • The backbone of a successful sales process and how to build it

Download the MP3’s here:

Part 1 (29 minutes)

Part 2 (29 minutes)

Part 3 (24 minutes)

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