So what was all the fuss about?

Ok, so the dust appears to have settled over the whole Ebay policy change mayhem. I’ve been real busy working on the release of High Performance Sales Secrets and I’ve got like 3 other projects going on right now as well!


I’ve been keeping close tabs on the whole digital download policy change and I never really got my panties in a bunch about it. (That’s just an American expression… I don’t really wear panties!) The reality is that there never was anything to “worry” about. Since the beginning I viewed this policy change as an “opportunity” to shine! 


If we want to continue selling information products on Ebay it will have to be in physical form. That opens up sooooooo many more avenues of profitability if we just think outside the box. I downloaded Dave Nicholson’s “Digital Media Solution” which is an excellent product that can guide you every step of the way along the path of converting your digital products into physical CD-roms. In my opinion, that’s simply the way to go.


A word to the wise… don’t try to cheat the Ebay policy. You will get caught. Your account will be cancelled and your business will suffer.  Its just not worth it. CD’s cost pennies to produce and add so much value to your product that it’s actually sill not to do it.


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