1. Me I have been trying internet businesses for over a year now! Knowing nothing & hating my job being in debt up to my eyeballs & putting myself in more debt to try to get an internet business up & running!! + being dyslexic so having great difficulty understand less following instuctions I have been banned from google adsence for promoting Gpro.com & all I did was follow to the letter what they provided & I see they are still going but for me the moment I try to use the email address or anything relating to it I am banned! I am now ;why I don’t know, am giving your video review product a go, but yes I do think some people are at an advantage!No mater how easy you guys say it is’ It isn’t for some, & yes we need mentoring 1 on 1 but I have tried that also & put myself into more debt by paying $2500 NZ dollars to Thrivali.com & ten another $2000 to set up a company in the states to find I had joined a University with very little support & a lot of academics who could not under stand how I couldn’t find a niche market with the info they provided!!!

    So if you can help without asking for more money then yes there are people out there who will be disadvantaged & will give up!!!


  2. Omar,

    I believe it is all about time & effort, honesty and keeping the faith. These are areas that I too struggle with to understand and improve on.

    In regards to time, what am I doing with it. Am I doing something everyday to achieve my success or am I sitting around watching TV (or any leisure activity) for hours on end? Am I spending time with my family and loved ones who (hopefully) will be an encouragement and build me up? Am I spending time reading from the experts and those who have succeeded?

    Is my effort towards a worthwhile goal or to see how high a level I can get my computer game.

    Am I being honest about what I am doing? It is so easy to get caught up in other things than to be doing the right things properly.

    Keep the faith means not letting anything get in your way of completing your task at hand. Right now, I have a day job and it is important to me that I leave the worries from my day job where I work and not bring them home.

    In a nutshell, when I hear someone say that there is an “unfair advantage” all I hear is “I don’t want to do the hard thing”. We all are dished out what we have. It is up to us to do whatever we will with it.

    Have a great day,


  3. Responsible, aggressive, entrepreneurs who are going online, no matter how smart, can get bogged down into the minutiae of knowing every nuance of tech before being comfortable in going forward. I carry a personal problem around that goes like this; If I can’t do it, how can I expect someone else to or even know they did it correctly. So much for outsourcing.

  4. Hey Omar,

    It’s a tough call, but if I’m being honest I would really have to say no, they don’t have an unfair advantage. They were once newbies too, and therefore didn’t have a list or JV partners or products etc.

    I believe determination, perseverance and hard work are what separates the winners from the losers.


  5. I have to say Omar I think you need to lighten up a bit on the animation-advertising. I’m getting Times Square Vertigo from your blog.

  6. Hi Omar, I believe that there is no one reason some people succeed and others dont. The advantage question comes down to whom you align with, and their honesty, and willingness to be there for you when you need them. Great intentions dont necessarily create great outcomes. I have been at this for a about 6 months and for me a personal mentor would have been the best direction for me to take. That I see as an advantage for me personally. Having plenty of money to allow that to be available would be an advantage over others that dont have it. Thankyou for your question.

  7. Some people have an advantage in that they have enough free time at the start of their online business to concentrate on the work. If there are too many other calls on your time and attention it makes it much harder and slower to get going. You can work on late at night but as you are too tired sometimes this leads to mistakes. However, I expect if you are motivated enough you get on with it and make a success of it, but it just takes that much longer.

  8. Some will have an advantage but I don’t think it is unfair.You must be focused,have the right attitude and put in the work. The advantage comes in to play if one can is better off financially to afford some of the software and get a coach but life is never fair,only by putting in a greater effort can the “disadvantage” be negated. one succeed.

  9. I agree with Dillan (march 21st post 48 and also with norm22(post nr 2) It’s a jungle out there and a lot to be learned and to cope with before you might be a little bit successful.But I won’t give up, Rome wasn’t builed in a day !

  10. It comes down to how much money you have and the people you know as connections,Money buys all kinds of leads and leads with money buys more leads.etc.Rich get richer the poor stay poor.

  11. The path of right action, to wit, technological, marketable item and tsrget prospects.

  12. Hi Omar,
    For a newbie there is just too much “How to be an internet millionare in 6 months” hype by all the so called Gurus, my inbox is flooded with it everyday, how do you tell what is good or bullsh**?

  13. Hi Omar

    I Do belive certain people have an unfair advantage to succeed online…its leverage and money.

    Even if you have the knowledge, the focus, the technical ability, the time, and work really hard. You can’t do it all alone. You need the leverage of others to succeed, people that are successful or have the resources to help you move forward.

    You need money to invest in courses and outsourcing the work, you are not great at.. some people don’t have that. Thats were You need the leverage of others to help by exchanging services or advice for free.

    Thats it!!! Focus on one thing, get help or a mentor in the same field. If you have limited cash just banter, or find another way around it..be resourceful.

  14. Hi Omar,

    The answer is both yes and no. Those who make it to the top simply work more intelligently than those who have yet to make it. The formula for success in this game is a very simple one but for some reason is difficult to put into practice (one day!!!). There are things that help such as having this thing that they call money, techie aptitude, but at the end of the day the success stroies are from those who were able to say…that’s how it’s done. So, yes and know. Yes because some are quicker than others, no because if you keep working at it, you’ll get there sooner or (hopefully not too much) later.

    Have fun,


  15. Hi Omar,

    I believe that the unfair advantage is the proper mindset. Knowing what their passion is, and not just going after the money, but becoming focused on building a relationship with clients (some people call them customers). Giving their clients value to where they recognize it, and that they are happy to come back for more and send their friends and family to you for the help or product that you provide.

    I believe focusing on lifting each other up and helping others starting out also adds to success. But there still must be a seed sown for fruit to grow. The more I give the more I get.

    I appreciate all of the emails I get, as they help me to see how the Experts build their relationships. I am a newbie, but am growing my skills with making videos to put on websites and youtube, etc. so far, I have given a couple away to non profits to build my confidence, and reputation. The unfair advantage is coming my way as I find my passion and help others get what they want on the path to success! As Jim Rohn said: ” You can get whatever you want, if you help enough people get what they want.”

    Thanks Again Omar

    Chris Downs

  16. TIME, yes time, some do have more time than others, time to focus, master and accomplish.

    I speak for myself, but I am sure that there are others like me.

    I am up at 04:30 every morning for six days a week, drive 50 K’s to work (through heavy traffic and the desert!), leave work tired late every evening, drive back home to try and learn more about IM and to get my business up and running, only to find I have an overload of mails trying to get me to buy more and learn more. I lose focus and do not get much accomplished ……now ‘I’ has a “serious” information overload!

    So yes, the Unfair Advantage some have is Time 🙂

    I have courses and products from some of the top Gurus and teachers who are all trying hard to teach me, I attend all the webinars, again getting up in the middle of the night because I am in the Middle East, eight hours ahead of the States!

    But, I just don’t have enough time!!

    Believe me, I am serious about making it work and I will make it work! (when I have more TIME!)

    While I have been writing all this…….I have come to realise that to level the playing field, one needs to learn how to utilise the time that one does have and use it more efficiently! Damn!

    All the Best,

  17. I do not think they have unfair advantage I believe that most of newbie problems are lack of knowledge and the time it take to learn all the information that it takes and I am not young my husband and I are it our 50’s so
    computers were not really available ti us until we were in
    our 30’s. My husband and I started a Brick & mortar type
    business from the ground up and so we know what it take to
    have a business and weather it is online or offline, any
    business has to be treated as just that. In the beginning
    they both take a lot of hard work. Some people do not understand the amount of work it takes to become profitable. That is the problems I can see from haing been in business before. I know and I new that you can not start making money for quite a while. First you have to work your a– off to reap the rewards that will follow, I hope this help you 🙂

  18. Do Some Internet Marketers Have An Unfair Advantage? Yes they have a good product or service people want.Marc

  19. Omar,

    Serious, to many people have one of two problems that I see. One is the negative reactions from those around them and/or a serious cash problem.

    The first just means getting away from the naysayers but the second, well there are so many great and non-great programs available that till the newbie figures out a direction they are information wealthy and underfunded to continue.

    The way I see the playing field someone sh…. Oh well an idea that I am working on for my own product at the moment. Wishing all great success and one thought would be to find an interest and explore that one before filling your basket with other stuff?

  20. No, I don’t believe anyone has an “unfair” advantage. I do believe however that some people are predisposed to be entrepreneurs or business owners. Some people just don’t have the necessary outlook, drive or commitment to succeed. No amount of time or money is going to make someone into something they aren’t at the core of their being. Sometimes when people are very passionate about their product or service they may overcome their lack of entrepreneurial genetics.

    I also think many people have unrealistic expectations. They believe success will come quickly and easily. When they discover that it takes hard work over time to be successful they get frustrated. Once frustrated, people quit and blame it on the person or program and move on to the next big thing. After a number of failures some people give up altogether and resolve themselves to be an employee.

    Misapplication of limited resources is another ingredient in failure soup. We only have so much time, money and energy. You need enough of each, applied in a way to maximize their use. This takes planning, organization, and specific goals. No one arrives at a destination without knowing where they’re headed and at least a rough idea of how to get there.

    And yes, sometimes the difference maker is simply luck. Having the right product, at the right time, for the right audience with the right offer is sometimes the key to success.


  21. Wow, the on-going debate on why so many fail to succeed!
    There’s no one reason for this.

    First one needs to measure what success would be for them. Without clearly knowing what your after, your certain to fail. Now, would it be to earn some extra income or replacing there full-time salary?

    Most people don’t have a solid plan to build on to create that income. They have too high of an expectation to make a huge income without running there business like a real business. A business that will grow over time. It’s a step by step process which most are not willing to follow.

    Since most really don’t have the time or the money to stay dedicated on learning what would work for them. They just fall back into an endless cycle of stopping and starting new ideas. I was like that for a long time and still struggle with staying focused.

    One big reason I also find is everyone is different and learn in their own way. Becoming a professional internet marketer takes time and dedication to learn everything about ecommerce. I’m not saying someone needs to know everything, they just need to understand how they fit in, stay focused on a plan to fill a niche and build on it from there. Success only comes over night after you have done the work to put the pieces in place to except the rewards.

  22. I don’t think individuals give the programs a chance. It takes months to build a list and followers, then creating a relationship with those individuals. A trust be be built between you and your clients.

    So what happens they move on to the next program (program jumpers) hoping to make their next million. Not all marketers are honest either with their ads. It takes work, lots of work and consistency with placing their ads, twittering, etc.

    There are lots of good income producing programs,if you want to work (work hard) and the money will come.

  23. I would not say that they have unfair advantage I think that mostly they have the lack of knowledge as I am in my
    50s and computers are not something we taught or had use of on high school. My daughter started using a computer in 1st grade and had the knowledge taught to her and she types very quickly and does so much more. The lack of understanding how a business is ran most people have had jobs and worked for someone else. My husband and I started
    a brick and mortar type business and it take a lot of hard work and learning more every step of the way. what ever business you have on or off line it take a great deal of learning before the fruits of you labor shall pay off bur it shall if you stay with it.

  24. I think some can do it and some can’t, it’s just like driving a car, some can do it and some can’t. Rosy said it all for those of us who just can’t make it work, spend the money on the latest money making objective, only to not have it work because we couldn’t quite make it work.


  25. Yes !……Marketers have an unfair advantage because the have the money,the inside connections,not to mention the experience. Yes they worked hard to obtain that unfair advantage,but you know as well as I do that there are those that use that advantage as an unfair advantage.

    Example being = “This person made $10,000 in the first week,or their offer sold out in 48 hours”

    Honest now – Why isn’t the true fact stated that this person had a huge list and their JV partners had huge list also…..NUFF SAID !

  26. Omar,

    Can you do a live show every day or at least once per week for us so that we can ask you questions personally?
    I think this will help many people tremendously. Ohh, and free would be nice 🙂

    Thank You,

  27. Omar,

    In reply to your reply to Andrew.
    I have gone to school paid the money
    and had one teacher who’s family problems
    got in the way of his teaching. He was
    not their my second year. The school hired
    a replacement who never taught the computer
    language he was hired to teach.

    So my question to you is with all this
    uncertainty who can say what teachers will
    really give a student what they say they
    will? I have also bought a multiy part
    teaching course from a well known IM and
    most of the training is him on a soap box
    about his issues. There really is no
    accountability which an IM has to live up
    to. A good marketer with billions to market
    to can make his money with alot of hype and
    not help much of any one.

    p.s. I have spent over $15,000 some good but,
    a lot of crap!

  28. Hmmm . . .the human condition again!
    Why are some smarter, better looking, luckier . . .ad nauseum, ad infinitum. I believe it is a combination of what you want and how much you want it, a good match to your basic personality or being,your mind-set, knowing your natural talents/abilities, commitment, timing, some money, right place at the right time . . .and of course a bit of Luck never hurts. A Recipe if there ever was one!
    I became interested (really fascinated) with IM about 6 years ago. I accepted very many free products I could get my hands on to try and learn from them. I also bought what I could afford and what I thought was good and within my ability to understand (a judgment call by one probably Not competent enough to make such a call, but there was not as much in the way of webinars/seminars and training available as there are now on a daily basis). And it is only NOW that I dare to give this a try!
    I don’t believe people are generally disciplined at all. Discipline has gotten a bad name due to some bad practices and limiting beliefs of the Baby-Boom generation and their parents. But discipline is needed to be successful in anything . . . no, let’s make that EVERYTHING! And of course there is the “instant gratification” we Americans and the younger generation have been corrupted with. Very little in life is instantaneous or immediate (maybe new credit cards, lol).

  29. @ Pete,

    Thanks for the comment - I definitely recommend that you chose wisely before you invest in training.

    Whether it be from a University or an Internet Marketer - you should research both. I spent nearly 280k on my education as I'm just shy of my doctorate. Regardless of how hard I tried - I simply couldn't make it in my field of study. When I graduated I only had a spot on the unemployment line. I assure you that my University will not give me back the money I paid them and they shouldn't have to.

    If I didn't like a class I could have dropped it, if I didn't like my major I could have changed it. I control my actions - the University offered no guarantees of income after graduation. I knew that before I matriculated.

    Peter - What this thread is about is "Unfair Advantages" I simply want to know if my subscribers feel that some people are predisposed to online success with an advantage that others lack.

    In the past, whenever I have felt like I was at a disadvantage, or I have found myself pointing the finger at a school or a teacher for not having properly empowered me to succeed... I watch this video and it always puts things back into perspective for me:

  30. What is SUCCESS? It’s just a state of mind. All though I’m not making thousands of dollars a month at my business..YET…I still feel successful at what I’m doing.I read hundreds of squeeze pages every week looking at what the big dogs are doing just to see what I can do to make my business grow. With help from guys like you I figure I’ll be a big dog someday too.

  31. For the most part, I think: “unfair”? No. “Advantage”? Yes. Successful guys have one or more advantages, and most of the time (I think) they got that advantage or those advantages becuase they worked hard and figured out something that gave them the upper hand.

    Nothing wrong with that – they deserve their advantages, even if these arose out of pure chance. Thus, I don’t call it unfair.

  32. You say that marketers offer the same info to everybody and some succeed some fall. Well, I think that key is in the info that is provided by the marketers or products they are selling. Sales page is usually great and when one try to implement it, gets stuck because so much important information and procedure is missing. Then you have to dig and look for additional info, upgrade, buy more tools, etc. Not too many people have time, money, perseverance…to do it and according to my experience on the internet this is the reason some people meet with success some not.

  33. Omar,

    I am glad you shared the above video with everyone, I saved it after it was shown on YouTube and have often watched it…….as you say, it puts things back into perspective!


  34. Omar,

    You seem like a cool guy. Even have a lot on the ball. We have met, even have been to your office in Orlando. Success in real estate has has been touted as being do to three things. Location, location, location. If anyone has a distinct advantage in internet marketing I believe it is those who can focus, focus, focus on building a quality list and a good relationship with that list. All others are doomed, I think, to become a flash in the pan. Assuming they are that lucky.

  35. I’m not sure that they are really ‘unfair’ advantages, just advantages or abilities that can make you more disposed to being successful in this market.

    We all have different abilities or talents, and you’ve found something that takes advantage of those talents. I, on the other hand, am more talented in mechanical and analytical pursuits (that don’t pay a heck of a lot) and I really struggle when I try to do anything that puts me in front of people – whether in video, writing articles or on the phone.

    Certain personality types can just talk or write about anything, and it doesn’t really matter whether they are saying things properly or if their facts are 100% correct or not.

    There are some personality types that get hung up on every little thing and instead of making a quick video or email, get stuck in the paralysis of analysis and haven’t found a way to say things without taking 2 days to get it all worked out perfectly, and by that time they’re too frustrated to follow through. Even if they do, they worry about what they wrote or said for days and re-live every sentence over and over.

    The advantage isn’t unfair, it’s just different. I just wish I knew of a way to use these ‘different’ advantages to be able to help others as well as myself make use of them to make the kind of money that’s possible for the more outgoing, easygoing types.


  36. I don’t see anyone buying anything I’m trying to sell because just like me they don’t have any money left after buying every other program that comes out so they can try to make some money. Oh thats the never ending story isn’t it. David

  37. Hey Omar,

    Great debate. I see a lot of negative comments up there about time, conections/leverage and money.

    I have a full time job and also have a family with three children talk about not having much time. I finish my job spend time with the children before they go to bed and very rarely get on the computer before 8pm and I tend to work till around 2am if needed, yes it’s a lot but if you want to make it happen then you have to do your best.

    Conection/leverage well if you don’t get yourself out there and get seen you will never make any, lately I have been chatting on Skype, in forums and now in Buzz with some top marketers. They won’t get to know your name if they don’t see it so make yourself be seen.

    Money ha how about £20,000 in debt and yes that’s pounds not dollars, but I have gone from wondering how I am going to pay my hosting this month to wondering how much I can make this month. I am not talking big sums yet but that will come soon enough as I have what most people who fail don’t.

    A PLAN.

    If you don’t have a plan of action then you are going to go around in circles untill you end up giving up.

    Also as for conections, I look forward to seeing you in Bristol for the event in May. (for those of you that read that and think, see you have conections. Not yet but I will make sure I do after this marketing event.)

    Love the video of Nick Vujicic I put that on my blog a while ago it’s something everyone should watch whenever they think of giving up.

    All the best,
    James Howard

  38. I think that there is a great deal of luck, dedication, and talent involved. By luck/Karma/fate I mean some people seem to be able take anything, do it and make it exceptional while others just lack the above and keep screwing things up.Unfair or not depends on your point of view… If you’re making money and have figured this IM thing out at least a little bit it’s a wonderful lifestyle. The unfair part is only a selfish jealousy point of view thang from frustrated people who haven’t put the pieces together yet or went broke trying. I sure hope I make it to the other side because this side really sucks….
    Keep the Faith and Good luck!!!

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