Getting The Most Out Of Your CPanel

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One of the most under used tool collections is probably sitting right under your nose. Its a powerful application called C-Panel and it really is your website “Control Panel”.

Traditionally, we use c-panel to add domain names, set up an email account and occasionally access our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – but low and behold – C-Panel is much much more than just that.

Have you ever wondered about installing a support desk, or a membership site like a forum? How about your own classifieds website or your own CRM to manage your customers?

Does this all sound foreign to you? Sound like something you need to outsource?
Well… yes you can outsource and pay hundreds of dollars for someone to install something like a blog or forum OR you could just open your C-Panel and click on the happy face 🙂

The happy face icon is known as Fantastico Delux. When you open Fantastico you will see the fantastico page where you have a wide assortment of scripts to install. On the left side bar you will find Blogs, Content Management Software, Customer Relationship Software, Discussion Boards (forums), E-commerce shopping cart scripts, F.A.Q. software, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists Software… (Yes – an autoresponder!)

That’s just the begging, there is survey software, sitebuilder scripts, Wiki software, form generators and the list goes on and on.

Most people just look at Fantastico as a shortcut to instal WordPress but it is soooo much more than that. As a matter of fact, chances are that you’ve spent money buying an application that is already available to you via your C-Panel. That’s right, you are already paying for these things because they are included in your monthly hosting fee.

Don’t freak out! Installing these software scripts to your domain is easy as pie too. The best way to learn more is to watch the tutorial videos that are provided right on the C-Panel home page or you can just do a google search for the application name and surf to find some free set up videos. Or… you can just open your C-Panel, click on fantastico, choose a script and click to install it.

In most cases you’ll just be prompted to answer a few questions so Fantastico can create your database and make a user name and password for you. Like I said… easy as pie! Give it a whirl and save thousands by using what you already got!

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