Build An Ebay Fortune

Lots of people want to run their own Ebay business. One of the things that I have discoverred is the simplicity of making money through ebay. Most people only scratch the surface of the true income potential attainable through Ebay. It’s much more than just bidding and selling. Now don’t get me wrong, that part does in fact generate a profit. But it requires one of 2 things. Either you have tell quite a few high ticket items per week or a vast quantity of low priced items. Either one of these can be profitable but will require a significant time investment to track and ship orders.

For those that are serious about making money with Ebay in this fashion, there are 2 basic alternatives. The first would be to buy, store, auction and ship the products your self. The other would be using a drop shipping company. Some people have become very successfull through drop shipping. Remember this method requires a monthly fee to the drop shipper and the time you save on shipping you will spend on researching the right products to list.

I have discoverred an alternative method to generate a fantastic steady income that utilizes Ebay with little extra effort on your part. This is done by selling INFORMATION PRODUCTS, better known as Ebooks. Ebooks with resale rights are inexpensive to purchase an can be resold over and over again. There is no shipping involved because the customer downloads the item directly to their computer. The advantage that this method offers is the back end or residual sales that are generated.

When your customer downloads the Ebook you can suggest links for other ebooks or have them opt in to your mailing list so that you can market to them in the future. This method has produced many success stories online. Many marketers stay at home and make thousands of dollars per week selling information products. The ebook that started it all for me was “The 90 Day Power Seller Challenge” by John Thornhill. It truly is a gem, but remember this book alone will not make you wealthy. It takes a bit of elbow grease on your end to seal the deal. Learn more about these marketing methods here.

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