A.B.C. = Always Be Closing . . . So often I see marketers and sales professionals making this mistake… they forget to close the deal! If you don’t ask for the sale your not gonna get it. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in a prospects objection especially if you weren’t prepared for it (thats a topic for another day in itself) but the key is to train yourself to always be closing. Ben Aflec said it best in The Boiler Room “There is a sale made on every call, either you sell them a product or they sell you a reason they can’t buy.” Either way someone is getting sold.

Every presentation should lead to a close where you actually ask for the payment details or whatever commitment your product requires. This is called a soft close and it seldom makes people rush for their wallets. Sales are usually made immediately after an objection is rebutted. This means that we have to ASSUME THE SALE after every objection we overcome. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you do not attempt a close after every rebuttal you are losing potential clients. Whether you are marketing online or on the phone or face to face, it makes absolutely no difference, you must always be closing.

Train yourself to ask yes/yes questions. These are close ended questions that do not leave an opportunity for the prospect to say “No” Ask a yes/yes question after overcoming any objection. Learn to read the buying signs. Customers through up red flags all through out your pitch. Don’t steam roll over the buying signs, instead A.B.C. Anytime a customer asks a question they are showing an interest in your product. They are subconsciously saying “I might buy.” Now all you have to do is identify this, answer the question and CLOSE.

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