How do I make more sales Omar? If that isn’t the most common question I’m asked then I don’t know what is! There are many different reasons for under-performance. Each situation has to be analyzed individually and then the specific shortcomings have to be addressed. How do I make more sales is a very BIG question. By big I mean open ended and the good thing is there are dozens, if not hundreds of ways I can help you increase your sales regardless of what your selling or how your selling it.

When evaluating production, the first thing I look at is the closing ratio. That is, how many decision makers are getting a FULL QUALITY presentation per day verses how many actual sales per day you are making. The difference between these two numbers is called your closing rate or your closing %. The most influential thing to considder here is the LAW OF AVERAGES. For example your product and closing ratio may demonstrate that for very 10 No’s you get one Yes. Results will differ depenting on product, market, delivery meduim, season, experience etc. But none the less, these figures give us a base refrence from which to extrapolate realistic goals.

Does it all sound too technical? Well it really isn’t and here is the bottom line… Regardless of the specific reason for sub standard sales numbers one solution will always hold true. If you want to increase your sales you must first increase the # of presentations to decision makers per day. Find better ways to utilize your presentation time. Look into ways that more people can see your product more often. Become better at qualifying your prosopects so you spend more time with the Yes’s than you do with the No’s. This will inevitably result in more No’s but concurrently has to equal more sales. Thats the law of average in a nut shell.

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