Twitter Targeting

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Twitter is not a toy. Many people look at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and they see them as toys. As places to go and have fun, and connect with friends. And yes, they are all that. But for entrepreneurs like you and me, Twitter can be a very powerful tool.

Social media websites dominate internet traffic. Here’s what that means in plain english just to help you understand. At any given moment, more people surfing the web can be found on a social network site than any other website period. That means, people, “your potential customers” are in the social media networks. Think of this like fishing in the ocean, what if you knew that special spot where all the big fish are? What if the bottom of your boat was equipped with a special fish detecting sonar system that could tell you exactly where to stop and fish?

Your fish are found on Facebook and Twitter. They’re all there but what are you doing? Are you just playing and swimming in the water or are you there to fish? Or are you the person in denial that stays on shore building sandcastles in the sky?

Twitter is an excellent source for potential customers as well as joint partners and affiliates. I think of it like being at a party or a social get together. As you’re mingling through the crowd, you’re listening to others and all you do is insert yourself in the most interesting conversations. So, what if I told you exactly how to find the interesting conversations on Twitter? You can find people that are shopping around for your product or maybe you can find someone that wishes they had a product like yours to sell to his friends. It’s a win win win scenario. So go now and insert yourself in the twitter conversations by going to

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