How To Drive Article Marketing Traffic




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Article marketing is effective, affordable and relatively simple. The concept is basically to saturate the internet with back links to your website. This is done by creating niche specific articles that target a specific keyword related to what you are selling. Each article you create will have a “Resource Box” at the bottom. A resource box is nothing more than a blurb about you, your website, or your product. The key is that the resource box contains a link that will bring the reader to the site of your choice.

Creating articles can be outsourced to ghost writers. All you have to do is send them a list of tittles and keywords and they will do the rest. I have used a company called and they are very affordable. Just be sure to always read and customize the articles once you get them back from the ghost writer.

The next step is to submit your article to as many directories as possible. This is the only tricky part in the process. See, there are thousands of directories called Ezines (Electronic Magazines) as a matter of fact, there are just too many to subscribe too. This makes the whole article submission process quite tedious. Moreover, to be truly effective you can’t submit the “same exact” article to every directory because it will actually hurt your search engine ranking.I use 2 integral components that make this all go smoothly. An article spinner and a mass article submitter.

“Spinning” an article means that you are creating multiple versions of the same article by replacing, and reorganizing certain words. By using a spinner software, one can actually create several hundred variations of the same article in just a matter of a few minutes. Some spinners are more effective and produce more “natural” articles than others. Here is a free one you can try (not too fancy.. but it works)

I use this is a more sophisticated application that not only spins the articles for me but it also submits it to hundreds of Ezine Article Directories for me at the click of a button. This saves countless hours for me.

Article traffic is not instant, it takes time to build and the key is getting hundreds and hundreds of articles out there, each linking back to your site. With time and the help of a spinner and mass submitter you can literally saturate the web with your links and get some serious traffic back to your sites.

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