Keyword Research Guide

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Millions and millions of people look for things on the internet each and every hour of the day. How do they look? Well the majority of them, almost all of them, are typing something into a search bar somewhere. What they’re typing is called keywords or key phrases. If your site contains those exact keywords it will be returned to that seeker in the search results.

Unfortunately for you, thousands and even often times millions of other websites are also included in those search results. It is every marketers desire that their website be the number one site returned by the search engines to that product seeker, this is called rank. Your site is on it, but it might be on the six hundredth page and the product seeker rarely searches past the second page of their results.

All search engines have a grading system for websites that are targeting similar keywords. The better they grade you, the higher you will rank on their results page. The best way to rank high is to target keywords that are very very specific this can be done a number of ways by using key phrases instead of just a word, better known as long tailed keywords. For example, if your website sells travel supplies the word “vacation” may not be the best choice for many obvious reasons. The main ones being cost and competitiveness.

By using Google’s keyword research tool you can see the exact amount of searches conducted locally and worldwide for any keyword you can think of. Better yet, Google will even display related keywords and their results. This process will better help you pinpoint specific keywords. It will also help you avoid keyword traps like indian head massage.

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