All I have to say is… “Offline Events Rock!” especially if its being run by Keith Wellman and Gary Ambrose! I just got back from an AWESOME event that really opened my eyes to some huge profit strategies and techniques. I got back with over 28 pages of hand written notes.. (and a mild case of carpal tunnel) lol

In all seriousness, If you’re trying to build an online business I strongly suggest that attend some “offline events” I met some of the coolest people on the net and I gained a ton of JV partners.I learned some amazing marketing strategies and networked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

My business is going to grow in leaps and bounds over the next few months as a direct result of attending this one function. Here are a couple of pictures… (they’re kind of blurry because they were taken with a cell phone)

Do You Recognize Anyone?

Mike Filsaime Is Surrounded By Groupies!

Omar Martin & Jeff Dedrick

Omar Martin & Mike Filsaime

Kris Mainieri & Mike Filsaime


  1. Looks like someone needs a new camera phone. 😉

    Good to meet you out at the even Omar, and hope you’ll at least *THINK* about taking some of the advice I gave you out in the hallway on Day 3.

    See you at the next Gateway?

    Thanks & Good Luck,
    Gary Ambrose

  2. haha!
    Yes Gary I do need a new camera! Too bad I didn’t win any of those fancy schmancy ones you raffled off at your event!!!!
    Maybe… at the next event I’ll be able to catch one!
    Thanks for the comment!

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