Well… The launch has been phenomenal! I want to thank all those that participated in one way or another. Here are the final contest results:

I also want to extend my gratitude to the following 64 affiliates that have been participating.
(Listed in No Particular order)

Paula Brett D9 Hosting
Dan Thompson D9 Hosting
David Lovelace
Reed Floren
John Thornhill
Randolf Smith
Ray Johnson
Al Andrews
Scott Drake
David Canham
Daniel Sumner
Michael J. Filsaime
Marissa Iacono
Frank d’Marco
John Shanyinde
Paul Klein
Nelson Tan
Melissa Sanchez
Alan Nelson
Leona Douglas
Keith Trotter
Clinton S. Walker
Dave Findlay
King Kedar
Garth Buckle
Peter Crossman
Micheal Savoie
Tim Brechbill
Mark Tse
Angsuman Chakraborty
Eduardo C. Villason, Jr.
David Nicholson
Lee Jones
Tom Mansell
Lisa Peru


To Your Continued “Kick Ass” Success!

Omar Martin


  1. Omar Martin,

    Your language is deplorable, being kind. If you went to
    school it might improve. Beautiful overall ad and you can’t
    express youself in a proper manner.


    Philip Jensen

  2. Philip,

    Let me ASS you a question. Are you friggen serious??

    Does the word ASS offend you? Have you taken a look at prime time TV lately? Perhaps you should direct your repressed anger at the homosexual TV shows that are being broadcasted to our children instead of my ad. If you can’t get past the ASS in the title… well, you’ve completely missed the point buddy. Feel free to unsubscribe.


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