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10,000 copies of this $1297 course will be given out for FREE on Dec. 15th, 2009.

Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal recently made a shocking announcement. They are re-releasing their highly acclaimed flagship product The 7 Figure Code. The 7 Figure code has been hailed by many an internet mogul as being the “Internet Business Bible” and after carefully reviewing the course and personally applying their techniques I am more than qualified to say that it definitely lives up to such an accolade.

144 People paid $5000 each to attend the 7 Figure Code workshop live. The recordings of that even later went on to become the highly sought after  The 7 Figure Code home study course and the 7 Figure Secrets manual. The 7 Figure code consists of 16 DVDs that were recorded live by Mike & Tom with special guests like, Stephen Pierce, Rich Schefren, Brad Fallon, Ken McArthur, and many more Chances are that if you are being coached or mentored by someone online, they themselves learned from The 7 Figure Code.  Here’s a brief overview of the course:

DVD Volume 1: “Vision, And Your Hedgehog Concept”

On the First DVD Tom and I talk about understanding what YOUR vision is. We started here, because without knowing where you are going, then how can you even decide what the next logical step is?

DVD Volume 2: “History Behind The Scenes Of, Inc.”

Now that you know your Vision and Hedgehog concept, you will want to now go behind the scenes to my office, my staff, and my product sales. We take you on a tour of some top secret information I would normally not even share with my own family.

DVD Volume 3: Stephen Pierce “The Sales Process Of A 7 Figure Business”

The most perfect presentation ever given at an Internet Marketing event. This DVD will blow you away. You will never look at what you are doing the same again. I feel it is worth the price of the entire package alone. The only people that have ever received this information have paid Stephen over $30000 to get a hold of it.

DVD Volume 4: “Why, When, And How To Outsource, Out Task, & Hire”

After Stephen teaches you how to get a flood of sales with his valuable process map for selling online… You will want to learn the use of leverage of your time, as you focus on your strengths, you will now become a master at Outsourcing ad Out tasking projects at light speed for maximum profits.

DVD Volume 5: “F.A.S.T. Profits Method Of Running Your Web Business”

We run our business by a method we coined F.A.S.T. Profits. As you can see, profits do not come first. We must always have Fun, while we Automate our business that will Scale with success and leave us with Time for time off.  Here you will learn the criteria we go through when we are faced with an opportunity. Learn who we say yes or no.

DVD Volume 6: Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky “The New Pay-Per-Click”

The lifeline to any business is getting eyeballs to look at your product. Pay Per Click marketing has been termed the most innovative advertising system to come around in 100 years. But it is not easy for many. Our experts break it down for your with pure content to get you more visitors that you would have thought possible.

DVD Volume 7: “A Behind The Scenes Look At The Tools And Resources We Use To Run Our Million Dollar Business”

Here, in this DVD I go behind the scenes again to show you every tool I use to run my business plus I also explain why I use them. The audience throws out some gems as well. I wish I had this when I started. I would have paid $500 for just this type of content alone!

DVD Volume 8: David Cavanagh “How To Integrate Your Merchant Account, Affiliate Program, And Your Email AutoRepsonders”

Known world round as the mentor to the newbie’s. David is responsible for helping more newbie’s to succeed than almost anyone online. Watch how he goes deep into the integration of 3 of the most important parts of your online business..

DVD Volume 9: “Advanced Profit Marketing”

The information provide in this DVD module may just be one of the most powerful of all. In this DVD module, whether you are a beginner or a marketer making $10,000 per month, this information will triple your sales in the next 90 days. It is that powerful. To this day, I have people asking me why I went so far to share these secrets that make me over $45,000 per month just in their own

DVD Volume 10: Drew Miles “Tax Planning And Asset Protection”

As Drew says, it is not how much you make, it is how much you keep. And even more important, is protecting your assets from frivolous lawsuits that exploit loop holes in the law. This may be one of the most important DVD’s you ever watch about protecting your business. While Drew is a US Tax Advisor, his principles apply to any country and get you asking the right questions about how to save more profits and protect your assets.

DVD Volume 11: Tom Beal “The Proven Online Success Magnet System”

This was the most inspiring talk of the event. Tom’s presentation stirred up emotions as he kicked some people in the butt and set them on the right track. There was not a dry eye in the house when he was done. People are still talking about this even today. This DVD may be exactly what you need to get you to the next level.

DVD Volume 12: Brad Fallon “Smarter Internet Marketers Work Less Think More”

Brad is known by his peers has one of the smartest marketers in the game. Brad is on a legendary level. Every time this DVD is on in the production studio in our office, I stop what I am doing and learn something new. Brad Fallon is the Howard Hughes of Internet Marketing (minus The Crazy Part, Well Maybe Not. Whatch the Video To Learn Why.)

DVD Volume 13: Ken McArthur “How to Double Your Customers”

Ken McArthur has been online long enough that when most of us reading this page were learning about AOL, he was making money online. Ken shares his wisdom with you and shows you ways to double your traffic, double your sales, and double your profits all while working less.

DVD Volume 14: Rich Schefren “Ten Steps To Build A Real Business Online”

Rich Schefren is the person that took Internet marking from a hobby to a real business in the minds of thousand online. Having built 4 million dollar business, and as my personal mentor, there was no one better than him to talk business at this premier business workshop. After 90 minutes of his new strategies he shares, you may just stop everything you are doing and make instant changes in your current projects or the ones coming.

DVD Volume 15: “The Hot Seat Panel”

The experts now take questions from the audience and answer them like a Pro Golfer hitting a hole in one. The minds that gathered at this event are without a doubt, the most brilliant group of minds ever assembled on an Internet marketing stage. Many people said they would have paid $1000 just to attend this module. But it gets rough. They do not call it the hot seat for no reason. They came for help, they got the brutal facts, and then when they took the advice of the experts, their sites will never be the same again.

DVD Volume 16: “The Expert Panel”

On DVD’s 15 and 16 you will learn from Jeff Johnson, Andrew Fox, Michael Cheney, Brian Rogers, Keith Wellman, Sterling Valentine, Alex Ngheim, Ken McArthur, Jason James, Rick Butts, Martin Wales, Harris Fellman, Donna Fox, JP Micek, Frank Garon, James Grandstaff, Mike Ambrosio, Brett Ridgeway,  The Rich Jerks’ “Magic” Ryan, and Jeff Walker.

You Want The Code. You Need The Code.

I highly recommend that you take advantage of this once in a lifetime FREE offer on Dec. 15th and get over to Mikes website and download the 7 Figure code at no charge, with no gimmicks and no strings attached.

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