The Guru Bypass: Does it live up to it’s claims?

When I first saw the sales page for The Guru Bypass something struck me immediately…

It stated I could make money first before I had to start spending! Having spent thousands of dollars in the past on various products only to learn I had to spend loads more to make them work, this is something that really appealed to me.

Comparing it to many major product launches, the first thing that stands out is the price. It’s not the usual $107 reduced to $97 and only $77 if you buy it now… type of product. In fact, at $47 the creators do seem to have taken note that there is a credit crunch affecting people.

The Membership Area is really well set out and the 1st thing I did was download the ‘system pdf’ and the ‘case studies pdf’.

After reading the case studies – I was certainly inspired to get straight into the product and get it working for me. Never having come across the system before I felt a bit apprehensive and wondered if I would be able to follow the instructions. However, after reading the book a couple of times I thought I should be able to follow it through to the end. Then I remembered something……

Back to the Members Area and there before me was a selection of “Step By Step Video Tutorials” that anyone can follow. What pleased me here was that they weren’t part of a One Time Offer designed to get more cash off me before I had even seen the product!

Randy & Anton had included them as part of the package which gives great value to your purchase.

Back to the system:

I can’t give too much away about the system but I can confirm you can use this product even if you have….No website, No Money, No List. and No product….and you will see results within hours not weeks or months! In fact, I had ‘results’ within 30 minutes of setting things up, though it did take me a couple of hours to get everything in place! (for future use of the system that a couple of hours would be eliminated)   –continue reading…

This is one system that is NOT dominated by the Gurus where anyone with a little time and effort can start using this to make an income on the net.

The Guru Bypass System does go further than just outlining the initial process. Once you are in profit it shows you how to use some of that profit to build a long-term business. This includes building a mailing list and more long-term tactics you need so you can finally start to reap the benefits from your efforts.

I believe the creators realize that having a mailing list is the more important factor for long-term stability of any long-term online business, so although they do show the incomes made without such, they do put a lot of emphasis on switching tactics once some initial cash has been made.

Ok, what was my biggest mistake?

Like me, if you have bought lots of products before you would have been presented with a One Time Offer after purchase. Most of the time these are not related to the product you are buying and is just another way to squeeze money out of you so I just flipped past it to get to the member’s area.

However the OTO that these guys show you is amazing value, I have since come across a similar offer selling for over $150 but more importantly, I now realize how purchasing the OTO would fit in with The Guru Bypass System so my advice to you is grab it now whilst you can.

The One Time Offer presented is in the form of a ‘Massive’ library of 136 Unrestricted PLR products that can be used with the system to generate increased profits and at a quicker rate, but that is something easy to decide on for two reasons.

1 – If you already own a heap of PLR, then it wouldn’t be needed unless you really wanted to add to your collection.

2 – The price of the oto is also a very reasonable $37

So for that amount, I wished I’d grabbed it there and then! Having now seen how these can be used with the system – they do seem to be a perfect fit at a very good price.

Overall opinion:

The Guru Bypass System isn’t something brand new, but it is something that I’ve not seen any other big marketer using. I have seen a similar system on another big names site – but on trying that one I found it to be restricted to large established marketers.

That’s where the GuruBypass system wins hands down… Anyone can use it at any level!

The downside is the couple of hours setting it up, and then the potential of having to do some of that again at future intervals, as they do warn you within the product – some aspects are under the control of outside influence that can cause things to stop. There is a full explanation of what to do to restart the process, and the negative isn’t anything to do with what is taught – just one of those things that occur online.


It does what it says it will!

I imagine people with large lists probably wouldn’t spend too much time on this, and if they did, they would jump past the initial stages because they can.But for the newbie – this does seem to be one of the best systems I’ve come across in years.

Seeing results so early on in using the system will encourage many to keep going, unlike most products we purchase where we give up to soon because nothing is happening or we need to spend a lot more cash to make it work.

And therein lies the strength of The GuruBypass System.I genuinely believe many people will use this as a springboard to regular online incomes, and a lasting business.

For established marketers with large lists – this is probably a product you would have your outsourcing staff set up for you and tweak on a monthly basis for extra list building. Plus it’s something you would probably want to recommend your affiliate get a hold of to add to your income levels.

For people with no list, or just starting out with a small list and growing – this could well be the product that takes you to the next level!

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  1. Greetings Omar,

    Just a short note to say your info about
    The Guru Bypass was quite interesting to
    say the least!
    In the past years looking for a REAL Good
    online business I did exactly what your
    saying in your information. Lots of so
    called internet business with ALWAYS the
    key to it all left out! Then buy more!
    I also have learned who to trust and be
    very suspicious of in my years.
    YOU and a hand full of others,I can say
    I TRUST with what you are telling me!!
    ThankYou for being one of THE GOOD GUYS.

    Warm Regards,
    Kristine 😎

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