Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

We are thankful to have you in our lives.

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And Now For The Contest…

Let me introduce you to my big brother Aurelio Martin. People call him Marty for short but I call him something completely different. (We wont get into that!) LOL
So my big bro came over the house for the Holidays and as usual I tease him about his age and he teases me about my hair. (Or lack thereof!)

For a couple of months now, Marty has been experimenting with some internet marketing himself. Being it that his younger brother makes a decent living online I guess he figured he’d give it a crack. I’ve been helping him here and there and he’s already got a blog up. I think he’s doing great for a newbie starting out. Take a look HERE.

So what about the contest? Well – since Marty and I are always teasing each other, I thought I’d put it on blast for everyone to see! The contest is for a $297 value internet marketing gift… Thats what you win. To participate all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. The question you must answer must be based solely on the picture and that is:

Who’s got the looks and who’s got the brains?

Obviously this is all in good fun and we wont take your opinions personal. However we do want a  good descriptive explanation supporting your answer. A video response is encouraged! Please let us know which one of us YOU think got the looks and who got the brains?

The best comment will win a prize valued at over $297. We will decide who wins based on your most original comment. Videos are encouraged. But be sure to tell us WHY you think one of us is either smarter or better looking than the other.

Help us put this 38 year debate to rest! This should be interesting…

Talk soon.


  1. I don’t know you’ll both have to dance around in g-strings for me to decide. But, I think your brother has more hair than you. however, you are younger than him. Well, this is tough for me I can’t make up my mind (this is where you bribe me). lol.



  2. That is an easy one,
    you are both Martin’s, and EVERYONE knows that
    Martin’s are ALL Smart and Good Looking!

  3. This is easy for me. Omar you are clearly the better looking AND smarter. I mean…. look at the woman you convinced to marry you! LOL :0)

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