Sell the Sizzle not the Steak

A huge part of the presentation is painting the picture.  One has to be able to get the prospect to “picture” owning the product.  The prospect has to envision themselves getting use out of the product and BENEFITING from it. This makes it the sales persons job to “Sell the sizzle”  Selling the sizzle refers to restaurants that serve fajita steak. They bring it out still sizzling on the platter and the sound and aroma is just captivating. The waiters are instrcted to take the longest route to get to the buyers table. They do this so that everne else that is reading the menu gets a good wiff of the steak and hears it sizzling. This raises their impulse and… you guessed it … they are probably going to order the steak!

How can you the sizzle help sell your product?  Well thats easy, you have to identify what your sizzle is and then you have to identify what your aroma is. Find these two key ingredients of your product and then parade them infront of your potential buyers.

Selling the sizzle means you are going to “Paint The Picture” of the aroma and the sizzling sound in ypur customers minds. Your going to use descriptive adjectives so the customer can practically hear and smell that steak coming out of the kitchen. The worst thing you could do hear is describe the meat and the type of cow it came from etc, etc.  Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

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