Some sales people call it Role Play others call it Practice Pitching. This is probably the most important development tool there is in sales training. In all the sales offices that I have ever managed I required at least 1 hour per day of role playing. Yes you read it right.. 1 FULL hour per day. I seperate my reps into pairs and I crank up the music. They take turns playing the role of the customer and the sales person. They practice presentations, closes, overcoming objections and upselling or “rehashing”. I feel that if you are in either door to door sales or telemarketing you must make it a daily routiine to having roleplay sessions.

For a rookie or “newbie” roleplaying is awkward. They stumble around the words and they’re nervous in front of managers and co-workers. The worst thing a manager can do is alliviate that nervousness and awkwardness. Overcoming those feelings is the reason we roleplay! When a sales person can pitch ANYONE at ANY TIME, that includes bosses and coworkers you know they are self confident. Confidence, as we all know is one of the most required attributes of a good sales person and hence role playing is a crucial means of attaining it.

Don’t overlook the theme. Always have a theme for your roleplay sessions. Focus around a particular objection each day and change it up from time to time. Make it fun. Get creative but be consistent. Roleplay every single day and evaluate your people. This is where leaders are made in our industry. Develop your peoples strengths by complimenting them and improve their weaknesses by suggesting alternatives. By all means, LISTEN to your people and let them listen to you. This keeps us sharp!

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