Natural Ability or Learned Skill ?

Sorry Henry- No such thing as “The gift of gab” that’s just silly.
Selling is a learned skill. Period.

That whole “gift of gab” mentality holds back way too many people from true success so I will never get behind it. It’s all about willingness and desire. You were not born knowing any of the skills you poses today. Skills are all learned behaviors. Only traits and physical dispositions are “innate” like Height, Sight etc.

Selling is a learned skill much like playing a sport. It involves a skill set that many fear developing. Things like self confidence, outward expression, communication, persuasion, body language etc.

We live in a society that teaches us to internalize and play video games instead of communicate and impress our opinions upon others and so… it’s much easier for someone to say… I can never do what he does, he has an “inate” gift of gab than it is for them to challenge themselves and say.. I want what he has and I can LEARN to do what he’s done. Let me give it my ALL!…

I realized that I could never achieve my dreams until I began to BELIEVE otherwise. I do not think that people are all robots but in reality haven’t we all been programmed by our life experiences since birth?

Conventional wisdom tells us that people with extraordinary wealth or success have an extraordinary “gift” but that holds true in too small of a percentile to even consider here. That is our pre-programmed brains attempt to justify our mediocre position in life.

The reality is that 99% (my estimate) of successful people are not conventional thinkers. They actually challenge conventional wisdom by thinking outside the box. They achieve great things that others don’t simply because they were willing to do what others weren’t.

Now mind you that there are certain PHYSICAL attributes that give certain people a slight advantage in come fields. Take for example, Pro Basketball. I am only 5’6″ so conventional wisdom has preprogrammed my brain to tell me that my chances are impossible. But thank God Spud Web didn’t think that. You see he challanged the norm and worked his ass off. Tell me this… was he born with that ability or did he learn it. Did he practice over and over untill his skills were so fine tuned that he compensated for his lack of the “Physical” part.

Average people give up because its easier to say “I can’t do that because I’m not tall enough” or “I can’t do that because I don’t have the gift of gab.”  When in essence what they really lack is the desire to succeed. You see in their mind, the sacrifice that it would take is not worth the hard work. So they justify their miserable place in life by being negative and Blaming God or Nature. What a cop out.

This is why successful people are considered OVERachievers, because they think above and beyond the “norms” and they challenge what they have been trained to believe all their lives. They challange that belief with 3 simple words. “Yes I Can!” Look at what that frame of mind was able to do for our current president.

Fortunately for me, sales did not have any height requirements but if it did… guess what, I’d still be where I am today because I am an overachiever an I would have compensated with attitude and work ethic. Work ethic always beats skill or what you call “Natural Ability”.

Take Michael Jordan for example… the highest scoring basket ball player of all time. Now that’s a guy that you would say has super human natural ability right? WRONG. He also has the record for the most missed baskets in his career than any other player. So why does he appear to have super human natureal God given talent? Simple, HE SHOOTS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. He outworks everyone on the court.

Same goes in sales, I have been able to outsell anyone that has ever challenged me. Why, is it because I’m gifted in some way? Thats what most people force themselves to believe. Thats why my haters alienate themselves from me. Because thinking that way makes them feel comfortable. When the reality is that I’m no better than my competitors, I simply out work them with my unshakeable attitude and superior work ethic. I get more “No’s”, I’m rejected more than the average sales person.

But guess what Henry, the highlight reel doesn’t broadcast the missed baskets. It only shows you my accomplishments. People look at the house I live in or the cars I drive and they segregate themselves on the crutch of “Natural Talent” and that’s a shame. I challenge Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence by saying.. Yes, all men are in fact created equal BUT, we develop unequally.

I for one have chosen to take the road less traveled and work my ass off to succeed, while other physically “equal” men continue to justify their mediocre existence by convincing themselves that “Omar has the gift of gab”


P.S.- Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back like crabs in a bucket.

P.P.S.- The word you have heard most in your life since you were a child is not your name. It is actually the word “No”. You have been programmed to “Not Do”- you have to challenge yourself and over write that programing with “Yes I can”

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