Increase Conversions With Upsells & Downsells

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This module covers something I call page flow. This is essentially the process that a visitor goes through when making a purchase on your website or at least it should be. There are many different ways to set this up and the method I described in the video above, as simple as it may seem, it has served me quite well. As a matter of fact, it has served me to the tune of nearly a million dollars over the past few years.

The premise is simple, it basically deals with offering your customer multiple options to suit their purchase mentality. Every customer that begins the sales process is somewhat interested in your material. However, they are not all equally committed to investing their money. Therefore, it behooves you to custom tailor the process for each of them.

It all begins with your landing page. This can either offer something for free to get the process started or it can call on the visitor to make some sort of a payment, even if it’s a free plus shipping offer. Those that take action are taken to the payment page. This is where you collect the customers information. Conventional wisdom tells us that the next thing we should do is give them the product they have purchased, but marketing genius tells us that true profitability comes from showing them a one time offer next.

At the one time offer page, you present them with a great value congruent with the product they just purchased. Your customer is now faced with a decision. They will either choose yes to purchase the OTO or they will choose no thanks to decline. In either case, the process is far from over.

Now this is where the magic happens. If the customer chose yes and took you up on the one time offer, you know that they are highly committed You are obligated to present them with one final offer. As Marlin Brando would say, “this is where you make them an offer, they can’t refuse.” The secret formula here is simple, half of your OTO buyers will also buy your upsell as long as you use this simple formula. For the upsell, give them double the amount of stuff you gave them in the OTO only this time, charge them half the price, that makes it a no brainer and I have found time and time again, that approximately half of your OTO buyers will also buy your upsell.

But what about everyone else? How about all those people that paid the low amount on the first page but declined the one time offer? Well, as marketers it just simply wouldn’t be prudent to let them off the hook. Those customers are taken to what we call a “downsell.” The downsell formula has to be a no brainer as well. I’ve found that if you remove a small portion of the product, but still give them the basic meat and potatoes, half of them will be willing to pay half the price of the OTO to purchase your downsell.

So when it’s all said and done, you’re left with four types of members.

1. Free members (those that only paid the small price upfront and then purchased nothing else)
2. Silver members (those that paid the small price upfront, declined the OTO but purchased the downsell)
3. Gold members (those that paid the small price upfront and purchased the OTO but declined the upsell.)
4. Platinum members (those that purchased the small product upfront, plus the OTO, plus the upsell)

Naturally, the greatest amount of members you will have are free members followed by silver, gold and platinum respectively. The great thing about this is that you know exactly how committed each member is which gives you huge leverage with further marketing efforts.

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