Branding With Social Media

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What the heck is social media anyway? Well my friend… it’s the wave of the future and if you don’t know much about it then you need to learn or you’ll be left in the dust. Social media is literally shaping the way humans communicate. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace are redifining communication as we once knew it.

Through social media websites, one can have a circle of friends and followers with witch they communicate and share information with. You no longer have to “Remember to tell that story to each of your friends whenever you see them again.” Just write it on your “wall” or send a “tweet” about it for all your friends to see.

Social media enables us to share small things in our everyday lives that dont necessarily warrant a phone call. These websites make us feel more connected regardless of physical distance between us. The greater majority of internet users have made social media sites a daily task on their surfing routine. They login to see new photos or videos from friends or perhaps to post about what happened in their lives today.

Social media sites enable “potential followers and friends” to find you based on what you post and by the friends you have in common. These gives businesses and entrepreneurs a huge advantage in the development of a customer base. More and more we are seeing newscasts and live TV shows post their “Twitter Feed” live on the screen during television broadcasts. Famous actors and actresses utilize Facebook to “connect” with their audience. And even Rock Bands and Rap artists leverage this power to their advantages.

In my opinion, the recent US presidential election was hugely influenced by social media. Obama was one of the first candidates to show such a heavy social media internet presence throughout his campaign This enabled him to reach alot more young voters (target market) than his opponent. Brilliant marketing.

I strongly recommend that you create accounts in the main social networks and post to them daily. Let people get to know you. Speak from the heart. Share photos and videos and invite followers back to your blog. On the blog you should also display icons that lead visitors to your social networking sites. This will create a web of credibility and establish your brand while your presence is made to be known.

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