Perry Marshal sent me a great email today about Marketing Addicts and I must say, he indirectly described me to a tee! I think it’s just my “Entrepreneurial Mentality” . . . It’s like a radar you see. I’m always picking up on great forms of advertising, specific phrases and terms used by people in all industries. And Yes! I actually read my junk Mail! I don’t mean the spam emails. I mean the hard copy junk mail I find outside my house every morning. I am that guy thats always looking to learn more about whats working to generate sales. I think thats what it all comes down to. No matter what industry you are in, the defenition of business is the exchange of goods or services for compensation. In other words “Sales”

To quote Perry:

“You know you’re a Marketing Maniac when:

Your relatives and friends start giving you their junk mail
because they “thought you might be interested.” And you find,
oddly, that you ARE interested. “Thank you, Frank. I mean, really
Frank. Thank you very much for thinking of me.”

When you’ve got a swipe file of cool stuff you’ve gotten
in the mail, that you steal ideas from… when you’ve got a folder
in your computer where you save cool email messages and sales pages…
when you go to Borders or Barnes & Noble and grab 5 magazines you
know nothing about and study their “niche market” content… ”

As a matter of fact. . I spend so much time on the computer doing sales & marketing research that I had my bathroom remodeled in order to make better use of my time in there. Here’s a pic:

On a side note… all work without a break is not healthy. We all need to “re-charge our batteries” from time to time.. Whether you choose to do it with a vacation or a cruise from or just play a relaxing game of digital golf on your computer for a few minutes. It’s fun and it’s free so why not give it a whirl?! (Click PUTT Below) Be sure to leave a comment with your high score!

To Your Success,


This game will drive you crazy &
you will become addicted!

Click on the word “putt” to play.


To Your Success,


  1. Great content from Perry Marshall.

    The putting game actually absorbed 35 minutes of my life that I can’t have back….

    Love the new Mel Travel site. Good luck with it 🙂


    Josh Speece


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