This has been an extremely hectic week for me! Talk about information overload!!  I think I need to kick my feet up and have a cold one tonight! Perhaps watch the fights (I’m a HUGE UFC fan by the way) That’s MMA (mixed martial arts) in case you were wondering. Anyway, there are so many things going on in the IM world right now with all the new product launches and the new eBay regulations that it’s enough to make a marketer pull his hair out! Not to mention that I’m already losing my hair and I can’t afford it!

I’ve successfully launched “High-Performance Sales Secrets” this week and the response has honestly been phenomenal. (Much better than originally anticipated) I revamped this blog and created the “Omar’s Free Downloads” page which has been a big hit with the new members. I added the MyBlogLog widget to the page and created a yahoo community for us (Be sure to go click on it and join it’s FREE and a really good way to network and find other cool blogs.) Another huge undertaking for me this week (that is almost complete) has been the remodeling of This is primarily Melinda’s website but she has asked for my help to give it a facelift and create a free eBook for her to give away. I’m really into I have learned a lot about the Coastal Vacations business just by the work I’ve been doing on the site for her. I mean, I’ve always loved all the vacations and free cruises and stuff that Melinda books for us J and the extra $1000 a week has been nice too! But, I couldn’t believe what a huge income potential this thing really has. I’ll let you know more about it in the coming days (when the site is done)

In addition to all that stuff, I’ve been working on 3 new products…  To Be AnnouncedI’ll fill you in on those in the coming weeks. Plus I’ve been writing and posting articles and completing my coaching program with John Thornhill….  I’m just exhausted!!!  But you know what . . . It all works out when I log on to ClickBank and see the $$ rolling in on autopilot. Then I go to PayPal and see the $$ shooting up as well, then I go to the mailbox, and WOW a check from google! It sure is nice to see that it all pays off .  It’s like an avalanche. It all starts with one little snowflake. But once it starts it’s UNSTOPABLE! Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Glad to see the launch takin’ off and doing as well as it is! It didn’t surprise my though. I knew this was going to be awesome….Off to the field!

    “I’m a tall drink of water…” V.V.

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