Answer The Call – September 11th Tribute

Please Note: This video was from 2011 when we mailed out hundreds of ribbons. There are no more ribbons left to give but I hope that you will still leave a comment below after you watch my video

I want to say thank you to those that respectfully honored all 9-11 victims on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy. Thank you for putting aside politics, religion and even opinion to simply pay respect and remember the fallen. I also want to thank David Caudill for keeping with the minute by minute memorial updates while I was at the ceremony. The tragic events of 9-11 may make us sad but they must be remembered. September 11th is NOT just another day. It is a sacred day of remembrance, a day that will live forever in our hearts.

Yesterday was a bit tougher for me than most years. The most painful part of the day for me was to witness some Americans that don’t respect the fallen and their sacrifice. I was insulted and ridiculed by several of them yesterday and I let it affect me more than I should have. They tried to convince me of government cover-ups and 9-11 conspiracies. They care more about agendas, propaganda and hearing themselves talk than remembering and honoring the heroes.

I know there are still many unanswered questions about 9-11 as there is about every major tragedy in history. I also believe that the answers to those questions will not bring back our loved ones. We each have an inalienable right to believe in whatever we chose. I chose to believe in Jesus and with that choice comes a particular set of duties, one of them being a duty to forgive. So even in my pain, even in my anger, God will give me the strength to forgive those that insulted us yesterday. God will lead them to understand in HIS time, not my time.

I was reminded yesterday by Randy Smith that the best way to honor our hero’s is to press forward and live life to the fullest. I will do my best to keep their memory alive in my heart, I will speak of them often, I will celebrate their lives and I will earn their sacrifice by living honestly, earnestly and by continuing to help others in need.

Thank you all.


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