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Without a doubt, webinars are the single most profitable way to sell your products online. Don’t FREAK OUT like Jerry Maguire and his goldfish though. They are really EASY to do…  I’ve even teamed up with John Thornhill and created a complete course called WEBOLUTION. In this course we cover exactly what you need to know about creating a successful webinar. We will literally take you by the hand and show you step by step so that you can have a high converting webinar of your own in no time! Plus.. we even show you how to use Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Business System to run the webinar on auto pilot!

Evergreen Business System allows you to simulate a live webinar every single day without having to be there. You set it up once and then literally forget about it. Your registrants will pick a date and time, they’ll automatically be notified and the entire experience will “appear” 100% live with out you having to be on every single one..  As a matter of fact you don’t have to be there for ANY of your webinars because there is even a built in feature that can forward questions to any email address you chose. Another thing that stands out about Evergreen Business System is that it has a built in affiliate system so other prople can drive traffic FOR you.  They can each have their own customized landing pages.

This bad boy even has a built in viral thank you page that each registrant sees. They can spread the love on facebook and twitter to bring you even MORE traffic. When the webinar is over there is a built in follow up email sequence thats TOTALLY customizable! This thing has all the bells and whistles one could possibly wish for. I have tried 5 scripts that claimed to “automate” but they all lacked something or other. Evergreen Business System is truly a wish come true for me.

As a FREE Evergreen Business System Bonus John Thornhill and myself will be awarding those that buy through our link with the complete WEBOLUTION Webinar Training Suite that we have created to work specifically with Evergreen Business System. NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS and no one else can offer it. This is why it just makes sense to purchase Evergreen Business System through the link below to get our amazing FREE BONUS!

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FREE Evergreen Business System Bonus

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NOTE: We will only award our WEBOLUTION bonus to those that purchase through our link.
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