Anyone who says “Money is the root of all evil” simply doesn’t have any and most likely never will.

My sincere effort here is to educate and not to brag or boast. If you’re looking to poke the iron prod at things I say then just click away now because more than likely the years of negative financial programming your brain has endured will simply preclude my message from getting through. However, if you are tired of whining about needing more money and you’re ready to start attracting financial success…  stick around, you just might learn something.

First of all, know this…  I don’t think money is the most important thing in life, but I put it up there with OXYGEN. You simply need it to live and the less of it you have… the harder it is to breathe. Did you know that only 21% of the air you inhale is actually oxygen? The rest is mostly nitrogen and some miscelaneous other gases. Then when you exhale – that air also contains mostly oxyegen as well – thats why CPR works.

Why am I telling you this? Well, in hopes to open your eyes to the “scarcity mentality” you’ve been brainwashed to believe your whole life.

On a daily basis I get “Whiner Emails” – You know the ones right? –  It’s basically an email from someone that says they want to make a change in their life and emulate what I’ve done in mine. Then they proceed to ramble on about all the things that are precluding them and hindering them from success. They spend all this time to compose an email to me, telling me about their family problems, medical ailments, emotional challenges – Poor Me, Woe Is Me – “If you only knew what it’s like Omar, You are sooo lucky…”   STOP!

Look at yourself. NO – I mean really look at yourself. Are you earning at least 10k per month on  autopilot yet? Why not? List the reasons. Now – are you ready…  CHANGE THOSE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE! It’s such a simple concept that most of the people that have read this very post – already dismissed the content by the time they got to this sentence because the negative financial programing of their brain simply would not let them consider the notion.

It’s always easier to point the finger and say “Well he’s just lucky.” than it is to actually humble oneself, admit failure and model that successful “lucky” person. If you want what a man has, then just do what a man does. People tell me they want to have my success, but they want it NOW. They want it without the hard work. They want it with little or no effort. They basically want to keep doing the same thing that they’ve been doing (or less) yet all of a sudden make a bunch more money. Huhh??? Did you know that the definition of insanity is the act of repeating the same action each time expecting a different result?

Wanting and Deciding are two completely frames of mind. I wanted to quit my job loooong before I actually decided to. I wanted to have a multiple six figure income loooooong before I decided to create one. How did I create it you ask? Well, the method I chose was sales and later, more specifically internet marketing. But the method was not as important as the mind set.  Pay close attention here…

Regardless of the method you chose to become abundantly wealthy you will fail miserably if you do not discipline yourself to only partake in positive actions that support that decision.

I have students that will swear up and down to me about how committed they are to their mission of online success, yet they repeatedly send me mafia wars requests, or farmville requests on facebook. Now – how does playing video games help you acheive financial freedom? Better yet how many millionaires are on your mafia wars team or play farmville with you? NONE? Hmmmm… I wonder why that is?  Actually, I know the answer and that answer is: Because we see computers as a tool and not a toy. It is because we value our time and we understand that our success and the success of those that learn from us depends on the productive use of our time. We understand that the actions we take today give rise to the finances of tomorrow.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I feel most people suck at making money.

#10 They are afraid to buy and therefor concurrently afraid to sell.

#9 They spend way to much time hypnotized by television and the negativity it ensues.

#8 They surrond themselves with broke people instead of successful people.

#7 They play video games in their spare time instead of focusing on their financial prosperity.

#6 They succomb to the negativity of biased liberal media and they let it consume them.

#5 They refuse to embrace their FEARS.

#4 They believe in luck instead of themselves.

#3 They lack organization of home space, work space and MIND SPACE.

#2 They “Question” instead of asking questions.

#1 They simply have not DECIDED that they WILL be successful and wealthy.

It always intrigues me when someone says the phrase “When  I BECOME a millionaire…”  I always give them this dumbfounded expression and ask “Do you mean like when a caterpillar BECOMES a butterfly?”  You see there’s that negative financial brainwash talking again. People don’t simply BECOME millionaires. Millionaire status is something we have to ACHIEVE. So by telling yourself that you will one day BECOME wealthy you are just propagating the false notion that one day you’ll wake up rich. Wake up kiddo, there is no Santa.

Instead, program your mind to BELIEVE in yourself by speaking that which isn’t as if it were and then your physical being will cause the decision to manifest itself. Does it sound like a bunch of hog wash to you? Well – then there’s that brainwashing taking over again. Just let the wall down and embrace the concept that that this sort of thinking, though different, peculiar and perhaps even “silly” could very well be the change you need to make you better at making money.

To Your Success,
Omar Martin


  1. Omar, Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. It is so very valuable, especially since this is your sharing from the Marshall Sylver seminar.

    Listening and absorbing, deeply grateful.


  2. Hi Omar
    Thanks for this, you are spot on.
    Taking action instead of whining is the first step to achieving what you want. Getting past human nature is the hardest part, but is so worth the effort…in whatever you are doing.

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