As you already know – Mike Filsaime and I are business partners and I visit Mikes office in New York quite often…  Now I’ve been holding something inside for a while now and I’m just going to spill my guts publicly right here. You see, there’s been something “fishy” going over at Mike for quite a while. I mean kind of weird and disturbing stuff  has been happening behind a mysterious locked door in Mike’s office and its kind of creepy if you ask me.

Over the course of the last year, every time I visit the New York office- that door has been locked and bolted. There’s a faulty light bulb outside the door that flickers as you pass and there’s always been weird grunting noises coming from inside. This thing is like something straight out of a Dungeons and Dragons story line….

Mikes Secret Door
Mikes Secret Door

Even though I was terrified to try to open the door myself… from time to time I would stay at the office long after  everyone had gone home and the lights had been shut off.. I would peek across the corridor and just wait. Then one night the grunting noises stopped and the door opened slowly…   I was expecting Igor to exit the room or perhaps a vampire ready to feed… but instead I caught a glimpse of Joe Holland as he left the building.

“What on earth could Mike and Joe be up to in there?” I thought…   Is it some perverted secret cult like ritual? Have Mike and Joe been recruited into Amway? Eventually I musterred up the courage to peak inside and behold……

My partner Mike Filsaime has been keeping a closely guarded secret from ALL of us for quite some time now and I’m about to “blow up his spot!”

Mike Filsaime and Joe Holland have been feverishly working like mad scientists in a dingy underground Internet Marketing laboratory for an entire year. They have been secretly devising and testing a revolutionary service that is truly amazing and simplifies CPA so that anyone, and yes I mean ANYONE can easily monetize this cash cow without all the red tape that was once associated with CPA.

You are about to discover how to “really” earn $100 to $500 per day online like so many do in a very “Secret Society” known as the CPA.
For the first time ever I am publicly revealing an “underground”  method of making money online that even I have been personally experimenting with for some time now.

“So why are you telling me this now Omar?”

Well – until now … CPA … was a tough model to get involved with even though it is by far the fastest and most profitable income stream I’ve ever seen.

I’m sure this will put a dent in the global economy issues by liberating those of us that truly want to better ourselves instead of just whining and complaining. Mike has put together a video, a report and a webinar that will explain how it all works and you can get it here for FREE:

Click To Watch Now FREE
Click To Watch Now FREE

I’ve never been so certain that a product can be quickly profitable as I am about CPA – especially for people like you and me that are fast movers, want to improve our lives and invest in our futures. This thing  is truly a “game changer” and I highly recommend that you get involved as soon as
possible. You’ll definitely kick yourself in the butt later if you don’t get in on this right now. Do whatever it takes – just get in. It’s that important.

Download NOW FREE
Download NOW FREE

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  1. Sup Omar

    I watched the video to affiliate jump a few weeks ago. With so many products out there, I always get a good feeling when Mike is launching another product. after watching the video, I know this is going to be a great service where if people put in a little time and effort, they will love the benefits.

    Thanks for the post Omar,


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