The REAL scoop behind all this Butterfly stuff!

Alright… I’ve had over a dozen emails asking for me to explain exactly what is the deal with the Butterfly Marketing 2.0 launch. I was actually considering having a conference call to answer all your questions and perhaps even inviting a special guest…

Look… Here’s the nitty gritty, no holds barred… no sales pitch just me being completely transparent with you so that you can fully understand what this is all about and that way you can make sense of all these emails that everyone and their mother have been sending lately about Butterfly Marketing.

I’m going to break it down for you as simply as I can but if you still have questions about this launch, just respond to this email with the words CONFERENCE CALL in the subject line. If I get more than 25 people that want to talk in person about this then I’ll set up the call… but for now… here’s the deal.

You all know that I work hand in hand with Mike Filsaime as his National Sales Manager and I also consider him a good friend. If I had to sum up Mike in two statements then it would be this:

1- He is a brilliant marketer.
2- He has a heart of gold.

Thats not lip service, that is just the simple truth about the guy and anyone that actually knows him personally like I do, will attest to it. I am a huge follower and to this day I still anxiously wait for his MarketingDotCom magazine to arrive at my doorstep every month just to see what he’s up to and to stay on the cutting edge.

So what is Butterfly Marketing? Ok.. here’s the clincher… many of the marketers promoting the launch don’t even know because they are just in it for a quick buck. But I on the other hand am about to break it down for you in detail:

Butterfly Marketing is Mike Filsaime’s flagship product which he first launched back in January of 2006 and he has sold over 5000 copies since then. The full product has been selling for $1997 for 3 years.

– Butterfly Marketing is a complete homestudy course that consists of 4 parts… The Manuscript, The Software, The Videos and The MP3’s

When I purchased my copy of BFM, here’s what I got:
120 page book (manuscript)
3 printed ebooks called: Prelaunch Secrets, Firesale Secrets & Ousource Secrets
8 Discs consisting of:
Quick Start CDrom
Video Presentations
The Secrets Collection MP3 calls,
Bonus Audio Interview with Mark Joyner
Bonus Audio Interview with Craig Perrine
Bonus Audio Interview with Michel Fortin
Bonus Audio Interview with Gary Ambrose
Bonus Audio Interview with Richard Schefren

Let me just tell you that I Devoured the information and it taught me everything I needed to know about making people buy stuff from me online. From how to set up my pre launch, launch and post launch to the actual creation of my website.

The Butterfly Marketing software is actually a website creation wizard that walks you through the steps. Plus all the installation video’s were included so I could watch them over and over at my own pace. The package was truly brilliant and it was the best $2000 I’ve ever invested.

So now you know what BFM is… so what is BFM 2.0 ? ? Well hold on to your seats… Mike has updated the software to include the most cutting edge technology like one click up-sell and twitter api. (Awesome!) plus too many features to list here. He’s also updated the manuscript as well.
But here’s the best part…. Mike is going to give this entire $2000 packageto only 5000 people for the cost cost of shipping/handling ($29.99)

*PLUS- You get his monthly magazine for $39.95 per month and TRUST ME when I say that it’s worth 10X that amount. There’s no contract to sign or any kind of ridiculous obligation to be a part of this launch. Mike is simply giving you the opportunity to become a valued subscriber with an act of good faith. Thats why he’s giving you Butterfly Marketing 2.0 for only the cost of shipping/handling.

Now… why have so many people been emailing you about this launch? Well here’s why… Mike is paying his affiliates a monthly commission if you remain enrolled in his MarketingDotCom magazine subscription. So thats why everyone has been trying to get you to Mikes website via
their link. Get it?

Well look, you can obviously tell that I firmly believe in Butterfly Marketing 2.0 and at this low low price… well please don’t take this the wrong way but.. you’d be CRAZY not to snatch it up while you can. As a matter of fact I even put together the most unique bonus you can find if you download it through my link! It’s called Butterfly Secret Tactics. This is a 12 video series featuring the brightest minds of internet marketing today. This is the IDEAL product to compliment Butterfly Marketing 2.0 *Plus you get 4 live tutoring sessions from me as well.

So go now… watch the video and register for Mikes launch. CLICK HERE FOR BY BONUS PAGE

Then on Tuesday March 24th at 1pm… DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to be in front of your computer or you will miss out. I predict that all 5000 copies will be gone in less than 19 minutes!

Here’s the link to my bonus again CLICK HERE FOR BY BONUS PAGE. Watch my video and then click to go over to Mikes page and register there.

To Your Success,

P.S – You will only regret this, if you don’t do it.

P.P.S. – If you want to just skip my bonus and go straight to Mikes page by all means be my guest – CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO MIKES PRE-LAUNCH PAGE

P.P.P.S. – Remember this all goes down at 1:00PM Est. on Tuesday March 24th so call out sick from work if you must… Do whatever it takes to be one of the first 5000 people or you’ll just be up the creek without a paddle.


  1. Omar;
    This has been an AMAZING pre-launh…I am getting info from every direction…what a great job by Mike to get the word out and have a massive amount of hits on his site…in addition of course to helping 5,000 people.
    Lice Passionately!

  2. Hi Omar,

    just want to say received the BM 2.0 package , its looks AWESOME , not had time just yet to look at the it properly but i know its going to be a blast!


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