What Does Omar Do?

Well . . I guess you can call me Ben. (I’m just a little better looking!) 🙂

This is the real deal ladies and gents. Sales is a tough business.

Caution: If vulgar language offends you then don’t play the video, If you do, put ear muffs on the kids. This is “almost” as real as it gets.

Question: Is this real selling? Be sure to leave me a comment.

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  • Randy Smith

    June 17, 2008


    They stole the script from one of my first Sales Managers!!!!

    They must have it was practically word for word – and I’m talking from 20+ years ago!!!



  • John Reed

    July 2, 2008

    Well, it must have been really foul, or so old it died!!
    It’s not there now I’ve come for a look

    haha – shame though

  • Omar Martin

    July 3, 2008

    Sorry John, I didn’t know it wasn’t working. I fixed it now. Enjoy.

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