9-11 is a very sad day for me. As you may know, I was a New York City Fire Department Paramedic for many years and I lost a lot of friends on that fateful day. One of them was my paramedic partner David P. Lemagne.

I left the Fire Department as well as medicine altogether and moved to sunny Florida where I have built a fruitful sales business. That was all because the good Lord spared my life.

Many of my friends and comrades made the supreme sacrifice that day. It pains me to think that so many have forgotten that sacrifice. I for one WILL NEVER FORGET. The day after, every one came together to help us search for survivors. Over the 30 days that followed, we recovered 20 survivors from the collapse. But the rest met their fate that day.

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I remember how the entire country felt , “Lets Bomb That Country Off The Face Of The Planet!” There wasn’t one person that was opposed to go to war back then …. But today some question the efforts of the war on terror. Why do you think that is?  Is it because so many have forgotten?  Do you really think that Gas prices have anything to do with the war?  Of Course Not ! Wake up!  FREEDOM ISN’T FREE! It’s been paid for in advance with the blood of our forefathers and all those brave souls (Like David) that have made the ultimate sacrifice before us.

Here are some pictures of the remembrance ceremony I attended today here in Palm Bay Florida where we dedicated a plaque to the local Fire Department for their continued support and dedication to the FDNY Retirees of Brevard County FL.  Can you find me in the pictures?  I’m in my blue duty uniform (which barely fits now!)

I was spared and I will never forget. Will you?


  1. Oh, I didn’t know you were a paramedic. And you look cool like Agent Smith of the Matrix in that uniform.

    Well, like you I don’t think war can bring any good, just like a grumpy man step into a room and the whole mood just spirals downward from there.

    My prayers and thoughts to the well-being of you and your family.

  2. Thank You Nelson. Much appreciated.

    I’ve had to delete several comments that people have posted here because it was getting way too political in here and that was never my intention.

    Look, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

    The bottom line is this… Never Forget the sacrifices that have been made for the freedoms we have today.


  3. Hi Omar,

    Yes Omar 9-11 was the worst day in the world. I live in Australia and had no friends or relatives lost thank heavens. In Australia the whole countries hearts and prays went out to all of you. I don’t think anybody will get over that day ever. My prayers and thoughts go to everybody who was affected that day.

    Kind regards


  4. Hey Omar,

    I know a lot of us have lost somebody at some point in our lives, I am no exception, I think it makes us realise that we must ‘live for the day’, but when somebody is lost saving other peoples lives (like your partner David P. Lemagne) I guess it kinda softens the blow and makes it feel like it was not all for nothing. I take my hat off (if I had one! :-))to all the brave people who died and survived helping others on that day.


  5. Omar dude,

    You know what, that day CHILLS ME man…

    So many people wiped out for what?

    My RESPECT to the families who have lost. You will never be forgotten. Just like the UK families in the London bombings and soldiers in Afghanistan right now.


  6. I’m sorry to hear that people tried to bring politics into this Omar.

    It shouldn’t matter what political beliefs one has…
    (Nor for that matter religious beliefs)

    Just that we are thankful to our fellow humans that they gave the ultimate sacrifice to save other humans!



  7. @ Jo – The tragedy rang out all over the world. Its comforting that way down under we have friends like you.

    @ Dave – carpe diem – a good motto. We can’t take it with us when we go. Thanks Dave.

    @ Ray – Yes, I agree talk about chills, I ball up at the sound of bag pipes.

    @ Randy – I couldn’t agree more. I guess it’s human nature to ‘blame’ when tragedy strikes.

    Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words. for your kin

  8. Although I live in Canada, it was a very sad day for all when this terrible incident occurred. This could happen anytime anywhere. Hopefully it will never happen again.


  9. Sorry to hear this Omar. So many lost. As usual with this subject I have nothing to say that can make anyone feel better.

    Anyhoo, cool blog.


    P.S. Thanks Dave Nicholson ^^

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