Yes! It’s finally here! My blog will surely replace prime time television in at least 80% of American house holds. I plan to submit content daily so please visit often and feel free to post comments. For starters, I just want to share some excitement with you. For years I have been teaching high performance sales tactics to both rookies and veterans of selling in numerous industries. Now the teacher has once again become the student! For some time now I have been following the works of an internet marketer that has never ceased to impress me. From the products and websites he creates to his Ebay auctions and mentorship program this guy just seems to have his stuff together. Ironically I wasn’t even looking for him when I learned he existed. (That by the way is the very genius of his marketing skill) but none the less I was quickly interested in what he had to say so I joined his mailing list and began seeking out his websites and reading his blogs as well as purchasing his products and any products that he would recommend. The more I discoverred, the more interested I became. I realized that there was an industry of product selling that I needed to learn more about. What products you ask? Information products. Yes, eBooks. It just made sense, digital delivery, no product storage or clients to represent and best of all… residual income 24 – 7. Music to my ears! Marketing at its truest form sold throughout a venue that I new little about, online auctions and websites.

Yes, I own several websites and have done particularly well with my travel package business and I’ve even helped several people become quite successful themselves through that same business for 2 years now. But this was different, and to be honest with you, the income potential truly grabbed my attention. Well I took a leap of faith last month and enrolled in a personal coaching program that is currently in its second week. I have to say, this program may become one of the most fruitful endeavors of my life. I am learning all sorts of new marketing angles that have already proven to be successful for my mentor. Yes I said “mentor” I have a personal coach and I feel privileged to learn from him. This guy is an eBay power seller and earns thousands of dollars per week selling information products on line.

Obviously I’m not going to share any of the stuff I’ve learned with you so you’ll have to visit his site to learn more. I truly hope that you can secure a spot in his next class which I believe wont start for a couple more months. But don’t procrastinate because getting my own seat wasn’t easy but it sure was worth it!

To Your Success.


Omar & Romeo


  1. Hi Omar,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed my visit here. Your Bio is very interesting and I also enjoyed your comments. I agree with you that John’s class is proving to be a great investment for the future.

    I look forward to getting better aquainted and wish you the best in the development of your web businesses.


  2. Hi Omar,
    Great blog ,looks like you’ve been real busy. Cool template as well. Interesting stuff you have really thought this one out. Got a great free blogging tool yesterday, which searches other relevant blogs and helps get you links. if your interested let me know and I will forward you the link, all the best

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