What a week it has been! Yesterday was my first day back from Las Vegas and I’m still jet lagged! Would you believe that in all my travels around the country doing sales I had never been to Vegas? Believe it or not it’s true! I must say that it was a great experience. I went for a week long sales seminar (which was excellent by the way) and stayed an extra couple of days to see the sights. It was truly beautiful. The Nevada landscapes are breathtaking. The mountains in purple and brown as the sun sets are a sight to see. The nightlife is all about “The Strip” Flashy casinos, shows and gambling!

As you know, I have an analytical personality and so since I was gambling for the first time in my life I somehow convinced myself that I could “figure out” the system. So how’d I do??? Well, I did great at the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) as for the slot machines well… not so great! I think that out of all the games my to favorite ones are Roulette and Black Jack. Specifically roulette, it’s just like the law of averages in sales. I found that the key is to find a set of 18 numbers that work for you and just stick with them. People who change their numbers all the time are astronomically decreasing the chances of winning. The fact is that regardless of what numbers you pick there will always be “The House Advantage” to contend with but giving up is never the answer. You’ll never know how close you came to the buried treasure if you stop digging too soon. Sadly, digging is quite expensive in Vegas!

I have lots of juicy sales content to post over the next several days. This sales meeting I attended was a Gem and I cant wait to share it with you. Stop back soon.

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