Raising impulse from “Zero” to “Purchase Now”

Selling is about raising impulse. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing can effect your sales success more than the ability to raise impulse. Regardless of your product, no one just rolls out of bed in the morning and says “I hope that salesman calls today.” That just doesn’t happen. Even people that have a need for a product or service have to be “sold”. I don’t care if it’s face to face, over the phone, on the internet or in print, raising impulse should be the top priority of anyone trying to sell something or your just missing the boat.

What is impulse? Well, It’s your willingness to buy now. It’s the ability to get a person that wasn’t expecting to buy anything to reach into their wallet and give you their credit card number. This is done in ALL types of selling and it’s power shouldn’t be underestimated. In todays world, shopping is way too easy and selling is way too competitive. Those that raise impulse faster and better and more often than their competition will reign supreme!

The impulse curve is a graph used to measure a prospects willingness to buy over time. Whether the sales presentation is delivered over 10 minutes or over 10 hours, impulse needs to be raised from zero to purchase throughout this time in order to close the deal. The impulse curve takes some wicked twists and turns on the course from zero to purchase and it’s very important that marketers and salespeople understand and predict these turns in order to keep the prospect impulsed. How you ask? Well one way is by hitting negatives head on. This is especially important with internet and print marketing. Don’t wait for an objection in order to counter it, instead predict it and address it before the prospect even has a chance to contemplate it. This removes the reasons “not to buy” and leaves only one option… “PURCHASE NOW.”

The 4 factors of impulse are the keys that will make the difference between an average salesperson and a High Performing Sales Professional!

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