Paula Brett! Who Would’ve Thought?

Some say I’ve had a bit of success in a short period of time. I must give credit where credit is due.

About 7 months ago I decided to get serious about my internet business. A friend by the name of John Thornhill recommended a product called “Operation Ebook”. The purpose was to learn how to create an ebook of my own so that I can sell it online to generate a steady income. I downloaded the product and then I recruited my wife Melinda to read it with me.

Over the course of one evening we read the entire Ebook and completed all the work sheets. By the end of the next day my first product “High Performance Sales Secrets” had begun to take form. All because of the knowledge and motivation I gained from that one product called “Operation Ebook”.

I was so excited about my progress that I emailed the author. Not really expecting a response (you know those gu-ru types) but I just wanted to extend my compliments and share my progress. Much to my surprise I received an immediate response from someone who at the time I wouldn’t have guessed could become such a good friend!

Today, 7 months and multiple products later, in Orlando Florida, I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with the Amazing PAULA BRETT and her beautiful family! What a pleasure and an honor it was to finally meet the author of the product the pretty much started it all for me. Here are some pictures of the evening (which Paula reluctantly let me share). Here is the beautiful and talented Paula Brett posing with me at “The Olive Garden” International Drive, Orlando FL.

Thank you again Paula, Wayne, Josh & Max for a wonderful time! And an extra special thanks to you for helping me get my internet business ‘rocking and rolling’!! The next pictures we take together will be in the UK very soon!

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