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Re: John Thornhill’s Coaching Program

Hello John,

This is a sincere “No Nonsense” review and depiction of your training course. I know there are many marketers out there offering expert training and internship programs and perhaps someone reading this right now is contemplating whose coaching they will follow. I just want to share my personal experience over the 16 week progression of your coaching program in hopes to dispel any myths and give an accurate depiction of what I endured and learned as a student.

I am by no means a “computer expert”. I am a sales coach and trainer by trade. I graduated from medical school in 1996, I ran an injury clinic in Queens NY for a little over a year and I served as a paramedic for the New York City Fire Department for many years until the 9/11 tragedy. I then became a door to door salesman where I rapidly excelled to open several offices. I now train and develop expert sales people in every industry all across the USA.

I decided to begin an Internet Marketing business in 2006 and had been struggling at it since I started because of my lack of technical knowledge. I initially found John Thornhill through eBay and have been on several of his mailing lists for a couple of years. I have also been a part of the 90 Day Power Seller Website for about a year. His forum provided lots of useful information for me and he supplied an abundance of products to get started but I still lacked direction and focus with regards to my online business.

It seemed like every time I got an email from some other marketer promising the “end all be all” answer to my challenges I would fall under the “promotion spell” and buy their product only to be pulled in yet another direction. I was spinning my wheels for months, investing countless hours and not even making enough money to cover my listing fees and other online expenses. I was becoming very discouraged. Then I got John’s email explaining what his training course was going to be about. I must admit that I was skeptical and the price tag did raise an eyebrow. It came shortly after I had made a huge investment on some real estate and my finances were a bit thin at the time. I took a leap of faith and invested in his coaching program because he had been the only marketer that had truly shown a “genuine” interest in my personal online success. I knew it would sell out fast so I sat at my computer and waited for the exact launch time to click “submit.” I was very fortunate to get in.

It seemed like John became my “best friend” in that instant and the lessons began to arrive. From day ONE I was glued to my computer screen. It was like nothing I had ever experienced in all my years of schooling. I played his training videos over and over again until the information sank in. I was able to pause, rewind and learn at my own pace. I listened to him so much that I have even developed a British accent! LOL…

When things got blurry in my mind John and Daniel were only an email away. They answered my questions clearly, concisely and immediately. Plus, they never made me feel stupid or afraid to ask about anything. They practically held my hand till I was confident to charge ahead. By the end of my second week I had already learned to easily manage the technical components of my own webspace. (a task that just seemed impossible to me before the class.) I had my own blog site up and running… was born! I started getting subscribers and earning an Adsense income on my blog by the end of the first month. Then John began to guide me through the “product creation” process.

I invested approximately 4 hours per night on the computer and followed his every step. He helped me choose my “Niche” and develop a top notch product over the course of the second month. More importantly, he taught me the “Mind Set” that I was lacking to be successful. That was when it all “clicked” in my head! I invested every spare minute into my business and by the third month was born!

This is where things started to get really interesting for me. There was still a month left in the course and I already had a blog and a product up, running and making me money! Plus I was already getting subscribers on my list. I thought “What else can he possibly teach me?” So I anxiously waited for my new lessons every Monday. Then I was pleasantly surprised to lean how to drive traffic to my websites and create “bonus” products to increase conversions. Brilliant! Hence, my seven day sales mini-course was bourn along with my Free brandable report “Winning The Sale” (Click Here To Download A Free Copy)

Ok… now things got real serious real quick. The money and subscribers really started to pour in. By the time we were in week 15 I already had over 200 subscribers to my list and made over $1500 in commissions! This is not lip service. I was truly amazed.

It gets even better… John taught me how to embed links for my higher priced products within my eBooks and I generated a referral sale at from my initial ebook launch. That 1 sale made me a $1000.00 commission! Plus I had generated over $75.00 in affiliate sales and Google Adsense clicks. Now that was exciting! A grand total of $1566.00 CASH profit so far from the launch of just one product!

I chose to take it to the next level and started creating my follow up products. The course has been over for 2 weeks now and I have a total of 5 more products created and ready to launch! This has all been thanks to John’s coaching; Daniel’s help and a little bit of elbow grease on my own part. John has left no stone unturned with this coaching program. He has filled in all the blanks for me and now I actually have an internet “business” instead of just a cash consuming unproductive hobby.

The best part about it is not just the money I’ve made but the knowledge I’ve gained. I now possess the skills to repeat this simple process over and over to generate a solid diversity of multiple income streams. I am finally making money in my sleep instead of just dreaming! For the skeptics, rest assured I am the real deal, I’ve never even met John! I live in Palm Bay Florida and he’s in the UK.

Feel free to visit my blog at and see for yourself. Or grab a copy of my High Performance Sales Secrets. If you seriously want to make money online, I suggest you stop wasting your time and just learn from John as I did. He will never steer you wrong, I am living proof and forever grateful.

To Your Internet Marketing Success,
Omar Martin


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