Yes, I kept a diary.

Actually it is more like a big fat note book with a bunch of different sized sheets of paper sticking out of it. As I was building my business I wrote down EVERYTHING. Keep in mind that I was a total newbie and I was not very technically inclined either so it would take me 3x as long as the average person to learn something. To make matters worse, I was working with an ancient computer that was slow as all hell. Sometimes if I did a keystroke or mouse movement to fast it would just freeze up and I’d have to reboot! I called it my “Turtle Speed Computer” because it was so clogged up with ebooks and software products that it barely had enough space to operate email!

I kept good notes of everything I did to be certain that I could retrace my steps in case my computer “froze” – that diary basically became the instruction manual to my 6 Figure Online Business! GOOD NEWS for you is…  that diary became THE SPEEDY PROFIT CREATOR!  A concise 40 page PDF manuscript out of my notebook and I created 10 videos to go along with it.  Now I’m nothing special… no formal technical training what-so-ever, I had to build my business the hard way, with blood sweat tears and Google. Fortunately for you I put my short cuts, tips and tricks into the Speedy Profit Creator so that you could cicumvent my strugle and cut right to the fun part!

Please share with me your journey and how the Speedy Profit Creator system is helping you! If you’ve already used it to build some website then feel free to show them off here in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!


  1. Thanks for all the info. Was trying to get VoxFlair but the set-up never gave me the free flairs.

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