Marketing Advantages Using YouTube

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Many people frown upon using Youtube videos on their sites because they claim it looks “un-professional”. Here’s what I have to say to that… “HOGWASH”. Youtube is a quick and easy way to get high Search Engine rankings and drive traffic back to your websites.

Google owns Youtube and the two work together like a charm. You can drive lots of traffic to your websites and dominate page rankings for your specific keywords rather easily if you maximize the power of Youtube. I have personally ranked on the first page of google many times by simply creating a Youtube video for my keyword.

There are two components to consider in this process. The first one is putting your video on Youtube properly. First you have to create a good video that entertains, informs and entices the viewer. (I described how you can do this in the prior module)

Once your video is created you must upload it to Youtube and set “Video Information”. These are your video title, video description, and video tags. Always start the tittle with your targeted keyword. In the description (most important) be sure that the exact url to your website is the first thing you enter. In the tags, keep it simple with no more than 10 keywords and always start with your targeted keyword.

Now that your video is uploaded to Youtube, the second component of the process is put the video on your blog. You can do this by simply copying the embed code from Youtube and inserting it on your site. You can edit the size of the video and the color of the border. You can even remove “related videos” so your visitors wont be tempted to click away.

This is a quick and simple process that I recommend you do with all your websites to maximize your SEO, traffic and sales!

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